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Adept I

Radeon 530 in games

HP 15-bw018ur. Good laptop but not for game. I want try play in Resident evil 2 Remake or GTA 5 on minimal settings. But he is dont see 2 GB Vram just 480 Mb like on R7 not Radeon 530 or R7 M340(its the same). I try on choose "Perfomance" in Amd Adrenaline Radeon Setting. BUT IT DONT WORK IN GAME, IT DOESNT HELP. How turn on game with "Brilliant" videocard to see 2 GB Vram, not 480 Mb. Its joke about your buyers AMD and HP! 

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Journeyman III

I have same question HP and AMD ignoring their Software bug. I have seen a lot of people suffering same and the most common thing I noticed is everyone with A10 or A9 processors and with Radeon 530 2GB DDR3 variant. I guess I got solution for this bug in my laptop in "task manager" it's showing dedicated memory 480mb and shared memory 2GB so here what I did is tried every single Driver's old to new and interestingly not a single one worked |sedlyf| but I don't know why it worked in windows 7 perfectly (I guess problems are way bigger than expected it's problem with "AMD", "HP" & "WINDOWS" so basically it's impossible to ask help from everyone they will never gonna investigate deeply. I found this recently but not sure about that {problem is the APU's iGPU got crossfire with dedicated GPU and since iGPU using DDR4 system memory which is faster then DRR3 dedicated GPU's memory so power is delivered by "Radeon 530/r7 m340/somethingelse" but memory used by card is system memory not dedicated one and it's only happens in windows 10 and since HP is only one who make A series with 530 GPU so mostly HP consumer suffer) so I tried everything I got some solution performance increment is unbelievable fast but still not using it's 100% so in my opinion download AMD clean up utility to uninstall Adrenaline drivers and download old crimson drivers in that you will find dual GPU support enable that (basically it's crossfire but it's necessary to trick our drivers) and give every game Auto performance (beware don't give high performance) or low depends on game so IMO it trick drivers to use both i and dedicated GPU used up same time but low or Auto performance will help to used 2GB shared(actually dedicated memory but system will see shared) now run games or graphic demanding application and see task manager. 

Thanks loved to help and plz forward to everyone facing this problem.

Pls help!!! Which version Windows are you using and which version of driver(crimson) are you using??? I really need help with it! I dont see my 2 GB Vram