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Journeyman III

radeon 3200e no hdmi scaling option in amd software adrenalin edition, second screen overscan

Windows settings allows selecting resolutions, and if I select the native resolution (recommended) of the laptop on both internal and hisense 50" TV attached with HDMI then it is being cut off overscan wise on the TV.

When I change it to only display on one instead of both, then it displays correctly.

All instructions on how to fix hdmi overscan talk about configution options I dont see on our windows 11 laptop with adrenaline version 2023.0725.0042.1980

right click on desktop only has settings option, not an amd specific one. settings has System/Screen which shows its driver generic monitor detected hisense, driver says its from 2016, but would be up to date. the adrenaline software mostly talks about gaming and does not have a selection for display and scaling.

The windows settings/display has selection of resolution and scaling factor for 3 discrete settings:

I can select scaling factors 100%, 125% (recommended) and 150% but neither resolves the issue.

is there a better monitor driver I could use ?

how else to resolve?

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