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radeon 290x

Helo everyone,


i had a 290x with custom cooler (arctic extreme 4) on an old rig (2500k) which worked flawlessly. I sold the gpu on my main rig (3600) and put the 290x in but had to restore the gpu to its default cooler as the NH-D14 ain't compatible and i only have one slot @ 16 (x570 aorus elite). now, everytime hardware acceleration is on (netflix, youtube, games - the only playable are cuphead, children of morta, blasphemeus and farheneit.. yeah.. ahahah) the system goes blank. also, i can't set the refresh to more than 100hz (got an LG 34GK950 144hz), i can't enable GPU scaling (screen goes blank and i have to safe uninstall and reinstall the drivers) and VSR is nowhere to be found.



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Re: radeon 290x

As to VSR, the R9 290 series did not have support/capability for 4K vsr.

Going by old support list,

290 vsr.PNG

And at a guess, you don't have vsr option due to the high res. of your monitor ?

As for the rest, i can't help, sorry.

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Adept III

Re: radeon 290x

yeah, i saw that chart but i didn't pay attention to it as i read 285 and thought "285 and up", but that card has a later iteration of the GCN than the 290x.

the refresh rate is limited by the DP 1.2 used in the 290x.

i'm inclined to say that the issues are related to the GPU temps but it doesn't seem to get hot enought to justify a shutdown. maybe its time has arrived or i should try and put back on the extreme IV without backplate and see..