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Radeon 290, Latest Driver Install results in BSOD, and game development with Vulkan

Radeon 290 - BSOD on install of 19.5.2 drivers, same problem as 7970 users

Any word on a fix for this? I was following the thread :

Which describes EXACTLY the same issue I'm having updating to the latest drivers. I'm currently stuck on a older version of drivers that works ok for my Radeon 290 on Windows 10 x64 1803

However, any drivers afterward up to 19.5.2 (of which fixes the issue for installation for 7970 users) have the same BSOD come up upon installation of the latest drivers on my system.

I'm developing a game using Vulkan 1.1 and the Sparse support that was introduced in 18.1.12 is what I'm hoping to utilize when the drivers are fixed. However, all drivers since 18.1.12 to 19.5.2 fail to install on my system.

The system as described:

Intel 5820K @ 3300 Mhz

ASUS Rampage 5 (First Edition) MB with 16GB of DDR4 Memory

Reference (Sapphire) Radeon 290 4GB Discrete Graphics card

Windows 10 x64, 1803 Organization level ready latest updates.

No overclocking, this is a dev system.

So for development purposes, the system is extremely stable otherwise.

So the fix must be very close to what the 7970 users were reporting, and now finally solved for the latest driver for them. Could we perhaps expedite the fix to Radeon 290 users as well? It has to be related in a similar way And I'm hoping an AMD dev sees this and creates a defect report for the team. Perhaps the resolution could be done by the same dev that resolved the issue recently for the 7970 users - already having the background on fixing that particular issue would help with fixing it for the Radeon 290.

The Radeon 290 was the beginning of a revolution in graphics- and still, today is an effective baseline requirement for new game development. It really still throws a punch x years later!

I really wish in the end that AMD would send me a Vega card for game development - that's the next revolution in GPU's architecture.

I'll fully endorse AMD and its products (advertisement in the game) if AMD can send one Vega game development GPU graphics card to:

Jason Tully

supersinfulsilicon software ltd.

14011 95 ST, Edmonton, AB



The website:

I would like to begin a game development support relationship with AMD please email me at mailto://


For more detail about the Vulkan game in development, please contact me.

Thank you for your time, and the investigation of this issue.

Jason Tully

supersinfulsilicon software ltd.

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Looks like I fixed my own problem. I have flashed/updated the bios of my Radeon 290. I can now successfully install latest driver 19.6.2