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Radeon 23.3.1 - Sparkles all over my screen - Please Help

After installing Adrenalin 2020 Edition 21.3.1 Optional and turning on Virtual Super Resolution since installing this update I got white flickering dots all over my screen I had to turn Virtual Super Resolution off and back on for it to go away.

I use this video card connected via HDMI to my 43 Inch Samsung Smart UHD TV so I seen a notification that I could turn it on so I did, I never had this issue with the Adrenalin 2020 Edition 21.2.3 Optional

Has anyone else gotten this issue and can anyone please help me regarding this?

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If all was fine before, it seems like a driver problem. DDU and install stable version. 

@EFermi  I don't know how to do the DDU I got a computer builder friend to do it on March.9th for me through TeamViewer via Safe Mode with network

When installing this one all I did was install

I didn't click anything in the options like Factory Reset as I didn't want to ruin anything he had done for me.

It hasn't done it since I restarted my computer though maybe it was a glitch?


Quite possibly. See if this happens again. If not, probably something needed a restart after driver update 

I will watch out for it 


@EFermi Question my windows time looks smaller to me then it used to, would this be a driver issue?

And being that I have a AMD Chipset wouldn't DDU get rid of that stuff as well?

Cause I remember my computer builder friend going to AMD for the chipset drivers too for after the DDU was done and I wasn't smart enough to save them into my OneDrive of the drivers he got for me to do it myself.

I do see a lot of people having issues with the 21.3.1 on this forum and reddit as well.


DDU is specifically a Display Driver Uninstaller, it does not touch other system software, like chipset or ethernet drivers. It can be specifically configured to remove audio drivers (realtek), but you'll have to choose that option manually from the list. There also exists AMD utility with equivalent functionality (, based on DDU algorithm from what I can tell. The software is rather easy to use, it does not have overcomplicated interface. 

Also, what do you mean by "Windows time"? A power-on timer in task manager? It may glitch however it wants, if the system is stable, it doesn't matter.

@EFermi  This is what I mean about the window time at the taskbar 


Now look at this and tell me it doesn't look different of the taskbar from Adrenalin 2020 Edition 21.2.3 - 



And why would my AMD folder look like this since the DDU was done on March.2nd - 

2021-03-20 (4).png


If you mean that your taskbar is too large it's probably due to mad 300% resolution scaling. Personaly, I don't see other problems with your taskbar except being overloaded with junk - Cortana alone takes a good quarter space of it. 

AMD folder will have a lot of leftovers in it unless you specifically choose in DDU options to remove AMD folder. If you're bothered or it takes too much space - you can manually remove C:/AMD after installing all the drivers.


@EFermi No it looks smaller to me from how it was in the 2nd photo to the 1st


NO IT'S NOT! Stop claiming BS just 'cause you're legally blind!



Actually I'm not blind but I'm far sighted and have mild astigmatism plus I was recently diagnosed with sjogren's syndrome but thanks for putting me down like I haven't had enough of that in my life.


"Actually I'm not blind but I'm far sighted and have mild astigmatism plus I was recently diagnosed with sjogren's syndrome but thanks for putting me down like I haven't had enough of that in my life."


You know that's not what he meant... the reality is that either the Metrics of the Images you posted are wrong., or you are. 
And as Metrics can (and I do) verify by independent sources; well it means the problem you're presently perceiving is entirely personal in nature. 

Likely psychosematic in some way., but as this is a forum for AMD Hardware and Software; you might be less than shocked to discover that WE have no way of helping with that. 
Now., should your Graphics Card begin to "Sparkle" again... that we can probably help figure out. 

Oh and as a side note:

Windows 10 is specifically designed for Resolutions of 720p and above., and as 2160p with 300% Display Scaling means the UI is essentially Scaled as if it were on a 540p Display; this is going to cause issues... even more so as Virtual Super Resolution is going to have Artefacts with Full RGB Range Values; which in turn are going to be interacting with the Samsung Adaptive Upscaler and Dynamic Contrast. 

In other words... TURN OFF Virtual Super Resolution., you don't need it UNLESS you want to have a Resolution ABOVE what your Display can Natively use; and reduce the Resolution to 1080p., as clearly you don't NEED 2160p and the result of that is that you can then reduce the Display Scaling to something more sane; like 125 - 150%

Beyond this though., I HOPE that you are a minimum of 6ft away from your Display; otherwise get a SMALLER Display (22 - 32") if you're using it as a Desktop Monitor., at 2-3ft. Bigger is NOT better., what you have is a Television intended to be viewed at longer distances. 


@leyvin Who said I was only 2-3 feet away? Never once did I say that.

And there are how many YouTube's out there with 4K TV's using windows with no problem like this - which is a bigger TV then I have lmao and look how close he's sitting to it.

I'm sure I can find many more YouTube's that use 4K TV's as Monitor's btw.

I sit on a couch using a wireless keyboard and mouse that has me maybe sitting 5 to maybe 6 feet away from the 4K TV so that 125 - 150 scale and layout is too small for my eyes from sitting as far as I am from it.

I don't need the 2160p on a Samsung 43" Crystal Display 4K UHD Smart TV? Your funny even in the YouTube I linked above look what he's using the same 3840x2160 at in 3:57 in the video.

This is the tv that I'm using

My Boyfriend uses a 40 Inch TCL Smart Roku TV as a Monitor and he's been using it as a monitor for the last 3 years without an issue with a Nvidia graphics card he has this TV -

One of my friends on the game uses this TV as a Monitor  - with a AMD Graphics card so don't tell me that Windows can't handle it when I know people personally that are doing it for years straight.

Oh and the TV I used to test this computer out must of been at least a 40 Inch TV if not bigger btw so there's another example, I've given you at least 3 examples of people I know personally that use bigger then a 32 Inch Screen that you say needs to be used lmao.


@leyvin The white dots seem to come and go now like they are there for a min then vanish not sure what's going on