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Adept III

Radeon 22.6.1 driver update for GPUs going back to GCN 1.0 and Windows 7 - thanks AMD!

Hello all, 

I'd like to show some appreciation here for AMD giving some love to longstanding GCN GPU and Windows 7 users with the 22.6.1 driver. Since i fall in both camps, I was very pleased to see a new driver update, and i hope AMD gives consideration to continuing to provide updates for older GPUs even if less frequently. 

I will note that i did have to resort to editing the registry to get FRTC working after installing this driver, as I have had to for all drivers back to something like 20.8.

Also, i was hoping to see some of the DX11 performance improvements delivered in 22.5.2 but my testing shows no performance change vs 21.4.1 in Assetto Corsa. Given that DX11 driver bottlenecking has long been a weakness, it would be great to see such driver improvements delivered to older GCN cards if at all possible.

Keen to see more details about what has actually changed vs the last Win 7 driver (21.5.2) - the change log is pretty light on, and we don't yet have a knowledge base article from @Ray_AMD for this release.

Keen also to hear of the experiences of other venerable GCN GPU users with this driver! I am running on the old Radeon Settings UI with this driver for now (see below).




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