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Journeyman III

R9 390x new driver installed and screen gets blurry


I was trying to install the latest Driver but after that my screen get weird and blurry, so I decided to roll back to my old Amd catalyst version 15.7.1 driver and the problem was still there but when I changed Pixel Format to Pc standard (Full RGB) and also changed the display frame rate to 60 everything looks sharp and clear like before but this doesn’t work with the latest driver adrenaline 2020 edition - 20.10.1

So how can I fix this problem?

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Assuming you are in Windows 10 a lot has changed since the Catalyst drivers. If you are not adjusting your settings in Windows Display Settings not in Radeon Settings like you did in Catalyst that is where those settings are. They are controlled by Windows not the display driver anymore. 

Not sure if that is what you were asking or not so sorry if that doesn't help but you control the refresh rate in Window Settings/Display Settings now. 


I’m using Windows 10 and I just wanted to render with GPU, so then I needed the latest driver, after I installed the adrenaline driver the whole screen gets blurry, I just want to know what’s happening? What will cause this? How to get rid out of this blurriness?

Changing frame rate and Pixel Format to solve this will only work with old drivers.

Now what should I do? And also I’m changing Frame rate in Windows Display settings not in Amd catalyst.


Honestly I am not sure what would be going on and why the newer driver would be different. 

In Windows Display settings if your color and refresh rate and you are at your native resolution I don't know why it would be blurry, but I certainly believe you that it is. 

You could talk to AMD support about this:


Another user may have an idea on what to do and respond with more helpful advice than mine. 


Full System specs please.
MB Bios Version.
etc etc.

Please run winver and report exact windows version.

I have an XFX R9 390X OC Black Edition.
Currently "resting" but I can fit it to a PC and take a look.
Which Display output are you using?

While you are on, does the Fan control work at all?


Speaking of other more knowledgeable helpful users, here is one now! LOL thanks Dave!


Thank you guys, I almost solved this by adjusting my Monitor sharpness but there’s still a little bit pixelated blurry edges, I tried to adjust sharpness with Radeon settings but nothings changed. Not 100% sure but I think it’s all about display sharpness.


Have you run clear type tuner. It helps crisp up the look of the type on screen.


I don’t think Windows can solve this, I think the problem is AMD driver or maybe the relationship between AMD driver, HDMI cable and my monitor. Because everything is Crystal sharp and clear with the old AMD catalyst. As I said to Dave I also noticed some lag and slow Performance.
Thanks for your response.  


OK so ... you don't need more help?
Please let me know. 

Also - could you please look at the Fan control on your GPU? 
It is broken for the R9 390x on all Adrenalin 2019 & Adrenalin 2020 drivers I have tried. 
The measured fan speed does not match the set fan speed at all. 
The Fan speed goes from "zero to hero" at a particular fan speed setting. 
In other words it goes from zero to almost maximum speed. 
There is also hysteresis, reducing fan speed. 
Automatic fan speed = fan is off, until the GPU overheats and emergency fan trip kicks in and fans run at maximum. 


I’m so sorry for answering too late I was so busy. Unfortunately, I noticed some Performance lost when I try to open and play with some 3D softwares like Blender and Cinema 4D, The Fan speed was normal but as I said 3D softwares has become too slow and laggy.
So I rolled back to the old AMD Catalyst and everything is ok right now.

Sadly I have tons of frames to render and now I have to deal with them with CPU.
Anyway, Thanks for your response.


I am seeing very high CPU Utilization again on Adrenalin 2020 20.9.2.
Maybe that is part of the problem. 
Anyhow you seem to be o.k. so I will leave the R9 390x sitting on top of my Razer Core X eGPU box for now. 
I have run out of PCs to fit my GPUs on...