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R9 390X Delivers very low hashrate vs 3 years back, what is the reason ? and is there a fix ?

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Hashrate on what exactly? 
If you are talking mining then it may not be the GPU, it may be the difficulty level of what you are trying to mine. 


I mining bitcoin, with i7 4790k and 16gb ram with a asus maximum hero vii. It is not the coin im mining, and the internet is full of people complaning about r9 390x  8gb only diliver half hash rate. If i go linux there is no problem and i get 33-34/mhs. Its only in windows , why is that ?, what causes that, and what can i do.  I have new drivers installed on gpu/mb/windows !.

Try downloading and installing the Adrenalin 2019 19.12.1 drivers and see if they have a "Graphics versus Compute" option in the drivers for the R9 390x as a starting point. 



Thanks ! i will try download that version.


I just downloaded and installed the following driver: 

Radeon™ Pro Software for Enterprise

Yes thanks, you have helped alot, and sorry if i sounded rude regarding (i still need answers)!. i will try out your suggestions and report back. I have also seen winsdows users complaning about windows using there vram when rendering heavy workloads , and windows havent replied with one single answer for 4 years. Problem here is that i can see the gpu (R9) is capable of doing 33+mhs but for some reasons it struggles, something is holding it back in windows.

Thanks alot for your help !


Hi Gyus !.


Thanks you all for your help. I have now treid almost all crimson drivers and andrealin drivers . There is no options for compute in any of them, even thos there should be according to some of the driver details. Im at a point now where only options is to make a bug report, but im sad if this is some kind of a new buisness model from amd forzing people to buy new cards because of bad driver support. Imagine  if every single user of the R9 300 series could reduce the power input  in half with a decent driver, we could save energi enough to run a small city. So AMD should indeed care about this if they have any kind of environment policies or pride in what they are doing. Was about to buy  alot hardware from them but now i dont know !.


TeamRedMiner has a specific --enable_compute for Windows only.

You could try that miner, I think you have to run teamredminer --enable_compute as administrator and then reboot.

But read al the options first.

Otherwise try SRBminer-MULTI as that one defintely supports th R9 390X albeit I run Debian testing/bullseye and getting just over 30 MH/s, CC: 1040MHz MC: 1500MHz at 73C and 163W in otherwords it is powerhungry.

My RX 580 does also over 30 MH/s, CC: 1130MHz MC: 2100MHz at 76C and 97W.

Must say my case is not optimal for airflow as that could be better (Fractal Design Refine R4)


Based on what I have looked into so far. 

Linux is free. 
Windows is not. 
Mining is about profit. 

There has been lots of effort creating specialist VBIOS, specialist drivers and software in Linux for GPU mining.
It seems that is the reason. 
More effort has gone into developing mining drivers and software on Linux.

The R9 390X is a very power hungry GPU. 
Most miners used R9 390 instead. 
Even then there are far better, more modern GPUs to use than an R9 390X today.

If you go on youTube there are plenty of up to date examples of people running latest AMD GPUs for mining.
There are some examples of people running R9 390 as recently as April 2021.
I suggest you look those videos up and see if they can help.   


I still need a answer WHY they could make 34 hash  before and only half now !. it is not the dag size for this card. And in linux they have always done good also 5 years ago, so what is,  it that makes them run at half power on windows ?. My vega64 runs great , no problems at all. Nvidia have a old gtx1070 no problems there, im just curies what it is, and how to fix it, im pretty sure there must be someone who knows the tecnical details.



RE: I still need a answer WHY they could make 34 hash before and only half now !

No need to be like that.

I am not sure what hash rate was achieved in Windows for what 3 years ago. 
I have seen videos stating the hash rate on the R9 390 is/was far higher on Linux than on Windows, probably for the reasons stated above, namely lots of developers working to improve performance on Linux.

In any case.  
Here is an article about the Graphics versus Compute modes on AMD GPU drivers for mining:

"With their latest GPU driver, Radeon Software version 17.10.2, AMD has added support for several new features to their GPU, which includes a feature that is targeted specifically at cryptocurrency miners. 

This new driver adds to Radeon Settings a new GPU workload option, which defaults to Gaming but now can be toggled to load a "Compute" mode, which is designed to offer the best performance on compute-oriented workloads, like cryptocurrency mining. 

If this new function works as advertised, AMD GPUs should be able to achieve higher hash rates without much or any change in power consumption, which is great news for miners. AMD has also updated their drivers to offer support for up to 12 individual AMD GPUs (Polaris or newer) in a single system, allowing more GPUs to be connected to a single motherboard for the purposes of mining. This feature could be used for other tasks, but we all know that mining is what AMD is aiming for here.  


GPU Workload

A new toggle in Radeon Settings that can be found under the "Gaming", "Global Settings" options. This toggle will allow you to switch optimization between graphics or compute workloads on select Radeon RX 500, Radeon RX 400, Radeon R9 390, Radeon R9 380, Radeon R9 290 and Radeon R9 285 series graphics products.

Compute Support

Radeon Software now supports compute workloads for up to 12 installed Radeon RX 400, Radeon RX 500 or Radeon RX Vega series graphics products on Windows®10 system configurations."

I have an R9 390X installed on this PC System I am using at the moment. 
I am running Windows 10 Pro 64bit. 
I am using the Adrenalin 2020 21.3.2 Driver. 

There is no Graphics versus Compute option for the R9 390x or for the RX Vega 64 Liquid or PowerColor Red Dragon RX Vega 56 I have fitted to the PC. 

There was a special mining driver for RX Vega GPUs just after they launched from memory...

Looks like that one worked on R9 390 series GPUs. 

Why is there no GPU versus Compute setting in Adrenalin 2020 21.3.2 now? 
You would have to ask AMD. 
Perhaps changes to Windows make it obsolete or AMD are not interested in putting that option on their latest gaming drivers. 

There is another option to look at though but it does not seem to make sense to me.
I will take a look and see and report back before discussing it further.