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R9 390 black screen issues

Hi guys. since a lot of months i'm experimenting black screen issues in every game i play on my PC. i tried everything in hardware and software things but nothing, tried all drivers in clean installation using DDU since 19.12.1 driver and nothing. Happens like 3-4 minutes after i started the game in medium-high configuration. Especially in War Thunder.



CPU:  AMD RYZEN 1200 3100MHz

GPU: MSI AMD RADEON R9 390 8G (msi MS-V308)

Motherboard: GIGABYTE AB350 GAMING 3 (Bios F50A)

RAM: 4X4GB DDR4 2400 (16GB in total)

PSU: 750W bronze 

O.S: Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 20161

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Update: Tried in 20.7.1/2 driver and still black screen. I'm just angry and i'm gonna sell my GPU to buy NVIDIA one because i'm sure i don't gonna see the black screen again

You are not alone. I am having issues with my RX480. Games which never froze before now freeze within 5 minutes. AMD has lost me.

Adept I

Did you solve the issue? I have a XFX Radeon R9 270 which recently got a similar issue. I might have to do a similar approch as you.

Check your connections , try another hdmi .

Warthunder is not AMD freindly !.

But yeah AMD seems to forget all of us with older cards.

Thanks for the reply.
Checked all connections, tried different monitors, tried different video driver versions. All lead to blackscreen.