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Journeyman III

R9 390 black screen during driver update any help would be more than appreciated!!!

ran ddu before updating to the latest drivers and not whenever i start the new driver update it looks like its working then poof perma black screen until forced restart then it gets to the windows logo and then black screens again for 10+ minutes then goes to "no signal" any ideas or anything that would be a massive help!

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Volunteer Moderator

Windows10? What processor? Do you have a SSD? INFORMATION REQUIRED WHEN POSTING A QUESTION


AMD Graphics Card MSI R9 390


win 10 64bit

have tried drivers Adrenalin Edition 18.5.1 and Adrenalin Edition 18.5.2 Optional (found msi have on there website 18.2.3 will try that later)

Samsung Le32B550A5PXXN 1920X1080 60HZ normlay use DVI-hdmi have tried hdmi-hdmi

asus p8z77-v lx2  1701 x64

I4 3570k no overclocks+

evga 650w GQ 80+ gold


I presumed you meant Windows version 1703 x64 and not version 1701. Need to update your Windows to the latest Version 1803.  AMD Drivers work correctly when Windows is completely updated via Windows Update.

I also noticed that your Intel is a APU with HD 4000 integrated Graphics.  There is no Intel I4 3570K only I5 3570K. Make sure you have the latest Intel Drivers for your APU and motherboard installed.

In BIOS, do you have the Discrete AMD Graphic board as the main Graphics to be used when booting up into Windows?  Should show something like PEG rather than iGPU in BIOS. Also make sure your Monitor cables are connected to the AMD GPU card and not the motherboard internal graphics port.

If you GPU card works correctly with a previous older AMD Driver. Install that again to be sure it is a newer driver problem or incompatibility. If the older AMD Driver works, then it could just suggest that the latest AMD Drivers requires you to have the Latest Windows installed.