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Journeyman III

R9 380 DRIVERS causes pc to loop crash.

I have AMD R9 380 for around 2 years now! and recently around 4 or 5 months ago! I started facing random green screen and restart! then it became much more severe and it keeps my pc stuck in a loop of restarting. which renders my pc unusable.

I'm sure that it's your drivers because whenever I remove the drivers! the restarting stops and I can use my pc! but without drivers! so basically as if I just installed windows and got no GPU drivers! which renders this GPU useless and a piece of trash stuck in pc.

I tried contacting the customer support via contact form! but no reply and nobody seems to care to help me.

am only patient because I have my laptop to get some of my work done!

I need help urgently to be able to use my PC!

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R9 380 here / windows 10 RS5 / 19.2.2 , Drivers are working great.

Something else in your system is failing hardware wise, and im pretty sure are not the drivers.


in that case! why doesn't it crash when I remove the driver?
and usually, it doesn't crash and loop restart when I reinstall the drivers! so, what I actually do when I get stuck in that restarting loop! I just go to safe mode! uninstall the driver using DDU and then reinstall it which fixes the problem as long as the pc stays on! 

only if I restarted it! it gets into this loop and keeps on crashing right after the drivers load up at the start. 

so I'm sure it's the drivers

what could be happening is that the new drivers are causing conflict with one of my pc parts, which is probably why it's not happening with you.


Probably Microsoft is/has tried to install the driver it thinks you should have. Haven't you taken the steps to prevent this? You must do this with Windows10.

Various methods depending on what version of Windows you have...Home/Pro, etc.

Read > Windows 10 Help Forums 


I got it disabled looonggg ago to automatically download drivers or updates, but maybe it got switched back on for some weird reason! I'll check! but anyway,, it probably ain't the reason! because drivers might auto download but not auto installed and overriding the other version I has installed


"because drivers might auto download but not auto installed and overriding the other version I has installed"

That's exactly what it can do. At computer start up. Methods have changed for preventing the link.

Journeyman III

Any updates? I'm having the same problem and can't figure out why 


DDU in safe mode. 

If you have 3rd party programs unistall them. (AB and stuff like that)


I've done it.:( since it's a newly installed windows there are no 3rd party programs yet, but thanks for replying 


not really,, i'm rarely using my desktop recently because am really busy. but i think that the other suggestion that windows is trying to install other versions of the drivers seems reasonable. but i didn't try yet.

if you found a solution, please post it here.

Journeyman III