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R9 380 Black screen. Again. But!

I have used 16.6.1 for two weeks i guess and it was totally ok except one application with OpenGL mode but today i had black screen.

I guess it was coused by profile created for a game, i made 60fps lock with Crimson Software and also made +22.4% to GPU and +20% to power settings.

It was ok untill game had a load(a lot of units and textures).

After black screen i made hard reset, when PC was turned on i opened Crimson Software to change settings back but there was not a profile for a game instead i had my settings applied to global profile (except FPS lock), but I AM SURE i did not this changes to global profile.

So this is some info for workaround, staying with 16.6.1 with default settings, im tired to do another test to give more info and another bugreport.

PS this post do not need an answer.

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