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Journeyman III

Re: R9 295x2 - replacement fan suggestion/heat concern

Hi amdmatt,

Started playing Sniper Elite v2 last week and my GPU was at 71-2 degrees so i definitley need to do something for these temps.

Im happy to go with those industrial Noctua fans (3k rpm) but you mentioned using the Sp120s if my fan controller isnt strong enough. Again, happy to run one of those too but it looks as though the Noctua is better to keep my 295x2 Rad cool (I dont care about the noise overly).

Do I need a separate controller to run a Noctua fan which you linked to? I am using the Asus Sabretooth Mark S board for my 4790k i7 chip so can I run the fan off that?

I checked tomtalks Aquaero fan controller but dont think it will fit in my Razer H440 case (no front bays - the Aquaero looks as thouguh you need to mount the controller in front bays).

Any help would be much appreciated as I dont fancy ruining my card.