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R9 295x2 Crossfire enabled globally but disabled for each individual game

Hello everyone, first post so here we go:

I have an R9 295x2 and have Crossfire enabled in the Global Settings of the Radeon software. However, Crossfire appears disabled in the profiles for my games, examples in the pictures (Rainbow 6 Siege, DBZ Kakarot & Overwatch), and it doesn't let me enable it. I played a match of Overwatch with MSI Afterburner open to see the usage of my GPUs and it appears that while GPU1 reaches 100% use, GPU2 doesn't do anything (although, it had a random peak of 15% for a second apparently, so it looks like the GPU isn't dead). I then ran the Unigine Valley benchmark to see if it makes the 2nd GPU run; when I first installed the benchmark, the 2nd GPU would work, being able to reach 30-40 fps in ultra settings & 4K, but now the 2nd GPU doesn't work and the fps stay below 20. Both GPUs appear in the device manager. If anybody knows what's going on, I'd appreciate an answer, thank you.

GPU: XFX R9 295x2

CPU: Intel Core i7-4790K

Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-Z97X-GAMING 5

RAM: 16 GB

Monitor: Samsung U28E590 (connected with a miniDisplayport-to-Displayport cable)

PSU: LEPA G Series 1600W

OS: Windows 10 64-bit

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Community Manager

This issue has been resolved in the 20.2.2 driver package.

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Adept II


This is a bug, which has been confirmed by many other users.

The best thing we can keep doing is submitting this issue to AMD (I don't remember the link to submit perhaps someone can post it)

The latest driver today, that I have installed still has not fixed this issue even doing a DDU clean install.

There is a lot of hatred towards cross fire use lately, this means I think possibly AMD are now ignoring cross fire and phasing it out possibly? 

But there are still people like us, people who use it, if we band together and submit the bug reports to AMD and then hopefully they will fix the issue.

Community Manager

This issue has been resolved in the 20.2.2 driver package.

I seen this post a few hours ago and have upgraded, and since been testing the hell out of it and I can confirm for myself also that 20.2.2 has fixed this issue.