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Adept I

R9 280X - Quickly flickering black screen


I have a i5 6400, R9 280X POWER COLOR, 8gb ram - USING with 2 monitors - with MSI Afterburner just to create a personal profile to the FANS.

Using it on Windows 10 64bit after installing the newest drivers from AMD website,
I'm having intermittent black screen problem throughout the day, where the screen quickly flashes and vibrates. Just before the black screen flashes, my second monitor's screen vibrates and the system freezes for a short time (about 1 second).

Also, using with 2 monitor the VRAM frequncy is all the time in 1500Mhz, and Core in 500Mhz.
Using with only 1 monitor, the core is 300Mhz and VRam is 150Mhz - I dont know what it means or if it is related with the issue.

With games I've tested, will describe what happen:

CS GO - over great usage the issue do not happen
Kerbal Space Program - When issue is live, the sound on main menu have a lot of cracking, and with using map, the game connet render smooth.

THE MAIN ISSUE HAPPEN MORE FREQUENTLY USING BROWSERs, I already disable hardware acelleration, reinstalled - no results

So, the curious case is:


I can play the games with 2 monitor with the same board - r9 280x power color - with NO ISSUES, no problem render, no cracking issues, no black screen.

So I think the root cause can be only AMD driver.

I've tried some different driver versions:

The latest Adrenalin software



The most stable was the last one - amd-catalyst-15.7.1-win10-64bit

So I tried again, uninstalling all driver with DDU remove, locking windows update


The latest great result was after using DDU, waiting the Windows 10 64 bit install the AMD driver automatically.
It worked about a week before the issues happened again.

Anyone have the same problem or suggestion?

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Adept I

hey, im having a similar problem since driver 21.2.1 and now on 21.2.3

i also made a thread here:

i had the problem with 21.2.1 updated to 21.2.3 and it stopped for a week or two, now it's back at it at full force. when using firefox screens goes black for like a second or two, comes back with a bug report window from amd (i did sent the report many times). it's happening very often, sometimes even 2 or 3 times per minute.

i also have 2 screens and i have unplugged the one but the issue still persists

my rig is:

Operating System
Windows 10 Enterprise 64-bit
AMD Ryzen 5 2600X 54 °C
Pinnacle Ridge 12nm Technology
16,0GB Dual-Channel Unknown @ 1199MHz (16-16-16-39)
Micro-Star International Co. Ltd B450 GAMING PLUS MAX (MS-7B86) (AM4) 34 °C
T24D590 (1920x1080@59Hz)
8192MB ATI Radeon RX 580 Series (Unknown) 37 °C

i havens played any games yet but i will play some later and report back

Thanks for your reply
So you really think is it with driver? Not physical problems with GPU that will need a reballing in the future for example?

Im not having high temperatures here. About 48ºC in idle.

I finished today a new fresh installation of windows 10 home 64 bits; The fist thing happened after windows get video drivers from windows update was a black screen and freeze.

I was using a default driver installed by windows for hours, the issue happened sometimes, and I've tried to update to latest driver, but now after clicking with right button, AMD software is not available, and the issue appears a lot more than with older version.

driver date: 17/02/2021

driver version: 27.20.14535.3005

This is sooo sad due to the issue is to the AMD side, and the board is too old to get an RMA.


I couldn't be sure, I have no technical knowledge to determine if in your case it's the driver or not...

What I can tell you is, for me, I reverted back to the recommended driver 20.11.02 - 13/11/2020 and until know everything runs smoothly...


This version do not appear to me


I tedted again

with DEEPIN OS 64 bit
With default amd drivers

No issue, no cracking audio, no black screen, no freeze

The issue is 100% root caused by integration of driver and Windows

But I dont know how to fix it on windows, sice there is the best place to play games