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R9 270 failing due to driver issue

Was using my PC when it unexpectedly crashed. Restarting caused windows to attempt and automatic repair, which does not succeed.

Booting into Safe Mode does work, and from there, if I reinstall Adrenaline 20.2.2 with factory reset, the computer the reboots into normal mode successfully. However, the display device listed in the device manager will be Microsoft Basic Display Adaptor, with the R9 270 nowhere in site.

Attempting to install Adrenaline 20.2.2 again results in a forced reboot resulting in the "Attempting automatic repair" and we're back to where we started.

Running on Windows 10 1909, which is a recent update - if that helps.

Attempted to use amdcleanuputility to ensure clean install - Didn't help

Attempted to roll back to an Windows 10 1907 - Didn't work

Would really appreciate any help in getting this fixed

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Is your GPU card being recognized in BIOS/UEFI?

If you are able to install that GPU card on another compatible computer and the same thing occurs. That is a good indication the GPU card is defective.

You can also install another AMD GPU card in your computer and see if it boots up and is recognized and working correctly than that also indicates your other GPU card is defective.

Try removing the GPU card and cleaning the contacts and reinstalling it again. See if it is recognized or you are able to install successfully the AMD driver.

Normally if your GPU card is not recognized, The AMD Driver installation will give you an error showing no AMD GPU installed.

While in Device Manager - Display, click "Scan for Hardware Changes" and see if it installs the AMD driver for your GPU Card and your GPU card is recognized.

Or you can use Device Manager - Display and choose Driver Update and then manually point it to the AMD Installation file at C:\AMD. It will automatically look through the entire folder and install the correct AMD Driver with it related software.

If it fails what error does it show?