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Journeyman III

R7 5700g, TSC unstable, only in AUTO/ manual OC is working fine. any fix?

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if im not mistaken, TSC timesourceclock.. and HPET are timing for use with coding such as.. old dos games that when run on modern PC's run in thousands of FPS and its unplably fast? in the old days.. windows used general timing formula in the OS via software? but umm RYZEN has INFINITY fabric which can infinitely add infinite number of CPU cores and CPU's and computers and not have it slow down it remains true 0 latency CAS0..

its memory BUS and clock is SEPARATE clock.. and the OS timing systems and formulas are legacy but can still be enabled doubly so? causing issues? its confusing and CONFLICTING literally. but its still maybe your ram timings mhz has RATIOS that must divide perfectly.. either half or quarter or something of the full CPU clock  FSB. im imagining you either need to use what i believe is the newer HPET i believe and avoid TSC because thats maybe been uhh discontinued or no longer relevant.. unless im mistaken and HPET was the better one. Are you doing this for the PCI express bus? if so ensure you are running not in eco mode or low power or efficient mode.. that stuff is for the same PCI express standards in mobile phones or for when you have say ssd drives on your 40 meter pci express cable with hundreds of devices from your single AMD desktop computer 5700g or whatever since the 90's.. but to do so the power must be managed for the extra devices and cable length by manually enter power and TX RX timings. else your true quantum super computer from AMD is useless as it wont have enough power and be unstable. so uhh unless its a laptop or a phone.. set your power max and dont overclock but PBO is fine.. maybe change PBO and things to advanced pbo and use board for the setting. ensure your RAM secondary and primary timings are correct and that you ARE NOT OVERCLOCKING your ram.. so NO INTEL EXTREME OVERCLOCKING PROFILE MEMORY (XMP) anything over 2133 is an overclock. try disable geardown mode maybe? uhh commandrate 1T else youre senting two signals every command and its half as quick.. uhh.. might be you used nasty fake ram or something and you cant get enough millions of times performance out of it to run at its expected values. going from cas9 to cas 8.. is 1billionth of a second so 1billion divided by 9 minus 1billion divide by 8.. is that many millions times faster computer for gaming. shame your true cas0 quantum negative latency super computer cant do its thing with CAS8 RAM. bleargh. HPET is the newest one.. and if you want to disable it disable it via windows OS. maybe avoid TSC? it says it lets you game faster but so does uninstalling all your security and maybe disabling core isolation memory integrity or disabling your firewall and turning off all exploit protection?