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R7 240 intermittent black screen, can't solve

Hey everyone. I just bought a R7 240 2GB GDDR5, and since it arrived i got the black screen issue since the first day. It happens at totally random moments, sometimes i could use it for 8 hours, gaming, browsing and all, temps reached a max of 65º, no issues detected, but when i was just browsing in the next day, within 15 minutes the black screen came, the pc never shutdown or restart, all the lights still on, just a black screen and all freezed. I tried everythin, recent and old drivers, installing it without the radeon software (for every try i used the DDU in safe mode), created the TdrDelay at regedit, tried configuring power and fan settings at the radeon software, reducing the core clock, RadeonSoftwareSlimmer, disabling windows auto updating, it seems nothing can solve this, today it got worse cause the issue keeps happening when i try to install the driver, after it, it happens at windows logon. On the onboard, pc run all fine. All other parts are newly acquired:
mobo Biostar 1155 H61 MHV2;
I5-3470 2.9 GHz;
8gb RAM DDR3;
PSU Thermaltake 430w 80+white;
SSD 120GB Adata (lost a HD recently);
monitor Samsung T24D310LH 24"
all the voltages are ok, the PSU was recently tested and it ran a GT730 2GB for more than a year, never had a problem with power supply. Someone have any suggestion? I don't want to resort to warranty now, because it seems pretty clear it's a software issue, since sometimes i can use the gpu for hours, gaming and all, without the issue, and sometimes it won't last 15 minutes browsing, and the problem showing at driver installation...

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Adept II

Re: R7 240 intermittent black screen, can't solve

If you suffer from black screen crashes to desktop then I have a fix that always works for me.

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