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Journeyman III

R3 3300U (Vega 6 3000) Linux drivers?

Is there any driver for Ryzen 3 3300U Vega 6 for Linux?

I tried Linux Mint20 and Essential OS, but it seems Ubuntu based systems just do not see the graphics. (Screen is just solid black on regular boot, after you reboot your system at least once)

As I saw on other (Or this) forum, system sets drivers to None and because of that only way to get output on screen is to boot in recovery mode which enables CPU graphical computing. 

It seems there are no drivers for those processors (Only windows solution available), so will there ever be one?

It's a shame for AMD not to release drivers for almost 600 days old product.

P.S. As I can see, RadeonFeature will not help. Or if I'm wrong tell me in reply, please, or if anyone knows what distro is capable of working with Vega. I really need Linux based system for my purposes, and no, WLS or VirtualBox is not my case.

Thanks in advance!

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