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Journeyman III

"Driver timeout" error on my recently bought RX 570

Hello, I have a big problem with an used RX 570 NITRO+ 4GB I got on eBay.

I already knew something wasn't right when I setted it up, because even if it letted me install the driver I still had to use a patcher to make the card work (this already makes me think it was used for mining or the bios was flashed).

Anyway, with the patcher everything seems to be working okay, games run smooth, no major issuses. Except with the sometimes "Driver timeout" and black screen followed by a crash to the Desktop that occures every now and then while playing.
Moreover, today I started playing Cyberpunk 2077, and it always crashes at the same precise spot, when the character tears the badge off, with the same exact error: "Driver timeout".

I wanted to know if this may be a hardware problem (therefore a faulty GPU) or something fixable, because otherwise I have to make a complaint and return it to the seller.

I need your help to understand what could be the cause of this... I tried to underclock the card, to downgrade the driver to an older one, to perform a clean removal of the driver and install it again, I even risked with flashing a vbios which I thought was the original for the card and luckily I restored it... nothing worked.

If you need any more info let me know, but I can tell you the card is constantly at 30 degrees even while playing and the fans are really loud, so it isn't a heat problem

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