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Adept II

Questions about laptop RX 540 graphics.

Regarding an Acer laptop A515-41G-12AX, A12-9720P with RX 540 discrete graphics.

My questions are...

1) Should I be seeing ReLive and Wattman in my AMD Radeon Settings app?

2) How do I choose my drivers? If I look up under APU there's no listing for A12-9720P If I look up under notebook graphics there's nothing for RX series.

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Questions about laptop RX 540 graphics.

Notebooks for windows10 have changed. If your womderig,' will driver upgrades be a pain for notebooks' the answer is a resonding Yes. Microsoft wanted more of a phone than a notebook and created Windows10 mobile seperate from desktops and development.

You are going to have to rely purely on the manufacture to provide any updates along with firmware for any notebook not listed by the manufacture that is siad to be 100% supported, these would be the high range notebooks, performance notebooks, and lastly the biggest, extreme gaming notebooks that set a person back 3-5 thousand dollars, and those will receive extensive warranty coverage and micro / capsule updates online through the new mobile update process that was just created.

Anything not expensive, will be nothing more than a appliance, so to speak. Hope this helps you make some decisions an make some calls before purchasing.