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Question regarding the Samsung RU7410 & RX 5700 XT

So, I just upgraded from a Samsung UE5300AK ... now it was a great display and had support for up to 12bit Per Colour; the drawback being that it was in SDR Space (280 Nits).

Now I wanted something that supported all of the new HDR, so I got an RU7410 (didn't really think it though, as 50" didn't exactly fit on my desktop... but oh well)

Now in some regards it works fine., as Windows 10 does recognise it as a HDR Display.

And it will automatically switch between the 4 Different HDR Formats.

The thing is that when I have it in RGB (Full or Limited), or YCbCr 4:4:4 ... it only supports 8bit / Colour with Dithering

If I switch it to 4:2:2 or 4:2:0 it does support Native 10/12bit per Colour.

Where the issue stems from here, is not only do the other Modes actively report support for 10/12bit Colour ... but YCbCr while fine for Gaming is TERRIBLE for Desktop, specifically Programming or other such tasks where a lot of text is on-screen as it causes Chromatic Aberration. 

(For those who've always been curious as to what that feature is in Games is fixing... open a Document and switch between the Pixel Formats; you'll see pretty quickly what it's resolving)

An issue that I've notice beyond that is that Video Playback via the Web Brower (doesn't matter which) seems to limit to LDR ... which makes videos have Compression Block Artefacts between Dark Transitions. 

I'm mostly just wondering if these are "Common" Issues and if there are any potential fixes for them. 

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