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Adept II

Question regarding Adrenalin 21.4.1 and performance metrics


I was just wondering if this is a bug or a feature, because I heard Frank Azor talking about the new drivers over at the PCworld youtube channel yesterday, and it got me thinking because he was talking about the new metrics we have like we would able to see them directly in the overlay.

So the issue/question I have is that the new metrics that we are able to monitor isn't showing up on the actual overlay (atleast not for me), are those new metrics only available for the tracking/logging feature? For example toggling "Peak Clock Speed, Voltage, Current Temperature etc." under the CPU section doesn't show those metrics in the overlay.

Bug or working as intended? If working as intended I would like to see all available metrics being added in the future. The only reason I use MSI afterburner is for the metrics in the overlay. I would gladly not have to use it for that if it's through the driver software.


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