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Adept II

Question about AMD 7000 GPUs and old games using far too much power

If I run something like ES: IV Oblivion on my system my 3060 sips power compared to my 7900XT and I was wondering if there are any plans to try and fix this? I would have thought the much more powerful 7900 cards would use less power but that is seemingly not the case. From what I can gather through HWiNFO64 the GPU is maintaining the max frequency on the VRAM where I highly doubt it needs to (running the game at 1440p-60fps locked through RivaTuner).


It happens in all "easy" to run games  from 15+ years ago, are there any plans to address this in a future driver update or are the 7000 cards stuck just maxing out VRAM frequency when playing any game?


Edit: forgot pc specs

CPU: 5900X
RAM: 32GB TEAMGROUP T-Force Dark Za @3600mhz
MB: Asus X570-P
GPU: AMD Radeon 7900XT XFX Merc310 Black
OS: Win 11 22H2
PSU: RM1000x
Monitor: LG 27GN800-B Ultragear (2560x1440 144hz), Second Monitor: ViewSonic (1920x1080 75hz) set to 60hz

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