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Journeyman III

Questins about firepro w9100

I was looking for affordable graphics cards with 32 gigabyte memory and came across firepro w9100 wich seems like a great card for doing 3d stuff, however I just started looking at monitors for my new setup, I will also be gaming but it is not my first priority, found a 144hz display with both freesync and hdr 10 support, so my quetion is, even tho I doubt it:

does firepro w9100 support 144h though it only has mini displayports?, does it support freesync?, and does it support HDR 10?

moitor was fresync 2 so don´t know if that works with freesync if the card against all odd does support it

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The Firepro W9100 shouldn't have any problems supporting 144Hz at 1080p. Mini-displayport connectors and ports have the same capabilities as normal displayport, so you'll only need a mini-DP to DP adapter if your monitor has standard DP ports. AFAIK Freesync is supported by both consumer and workstation drivers (you'll need to enable it in display OSD and in Radeon Pro Settings), but HDR10 in Windows requires specific hardware support that the W9100 probably won't have. The W9100 should be able to support app-specific HDR like Freesync 2, such as in games.


Ah thank you so much for taking time to answer yeah It was mostly the freesync that felt like it was something i wanted, HDR seems to be a little troublesome and buggy in these early stages and with Windows 10 And it is not a must for me.

well the monitor I was looking at was 2560x1440, can minidisplayports output higher than full hd? (sorry if that's a stupid question, don't know much about displayports).

also, since you mentioned the Radeon Pro settings.. does that mean that the firepro will have radeon pro settings?


The W9100 won't have any trouble outputting 1440p @ 144 Hz resolution for normal desktop use, but it may struggle to render the frames for triple-A game titles at that resolution/refresh rate. My experience with the R9 290 (the consumer variant with 4GB VRAM) is that the card can maintain ~60 fps in most triple-A titles with 1080p high/ultra settings. Your experience may be different due to the W9100 having far more VRAM to store textures (32GB).

The W9100 is still supported by current Radeon Pro drivers, which have the Radeon Pro Settings control panel.