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Adept I

Purple-ish desktop screen after clean-installing the newest 19.5.2 drivers

Hello there. It has happened to me around 3 times now and sometimes it doesn´t even happen, maybe its not a big deal but I just want to make sure. I tried searching for information in regards to this but I was unable to find anything.

I have installed with a clean installation (using DDU in windows safe mode) the latest AMD GPU drivers (switching back and forth from 19.4.3, 19.5.1 and 19.5.2) and sometimes I get the desktop completely "painted" in blue right after the installation has been performed, the screen blinks as the installation is being done, as usual, the screens turns to a blue-ish tone (see attached images), switches back to a normal mode, then back to blue-ish and stays like that UNTIL I RESTART THE PC, then color comes back to normal.

Has that happened to anyone? Could that be considered normal or definitely something is up? It has never happened to me prior to 19.5.1 and it occurs regardless if I choose express or customized installation options. I don´t see any major issues in performance or problems while launching games, but that happening to me definitely made me a bit concern.

Thanks in advance for any insight provided.

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I reported many bugs for years to AMD and they never ever fixed anything...

That is unfortunate. My experience with there drivers this past year and a half has been lackluster but they have most certainly addressed and fixed a good number of issues but many remain. Historically they have done a good job IMHO. I hope the current situation returns to that on the graphics side. I think the company was focusing almost completely on the CPU side and is beginning to give the graphics side a bit more attention again. Time will tell. I hope your experience improves. I can only tell you, that you almost never get anything if you don't ask. 

I've already reported. I just lost the motivation to report it again on every faulty driver release (ever since 1903 and 19.4.x drivers) because they should already know about it. Still, It'd help to move priority up if every affected user reported it at least once. The drop on DVI support for newer cards surely isn't helping.

IME, most user reported problems are solved way faster when a rep comes across one of these threads and forwards it to the team. I can't count how many times I've sent reports about the CGN 1.0 UVD bug in the past, while after a quick exchange of messages with a rep in one of these threads two other problems were solved promptly.

Actually it's pretty well known that driver development does not frequent this forum. There are a couple mods that get involved periodically but lately that has even been way less than it used to be. Yes they have certainly help issues get resolved  but I would say it's maybe 1 in 200 posts they do this on so it is not frequent. So I for sure would not think that posting here is getting your message to AMD. If you read the forum information linked to in the headers on the forum pages, it even says as much from AMD. These are USER TO USER forums only. AMD unfortunately only gives us the one known way to have 2 way communication. Many times even with that they don't respond. So that is why I recommend you keep letting them know of issues until the respond  adequately or at least post it a know bug in the driver release notes. Over communicating is way more effective than under. Unfortunately it is a huge pain for the consumers to have to do so.

just open a ticket, i did that. if many people do it maybe they'll notice something wrong is up with their drivers..


I did, for years, and it's a waste of time.


I don't disagree, it's been an exercise in futility at times but again is the only possible way to communicate they give us.

Adept II

Same Problem here20190618_074304.jpg

Ryzen 5 5600; ROG STRIX B550-F GAMING; Sapphire RX 6600 Pulse; G.Skill Trident Z 3200GHz CL14 /2x8 Gb; Seasonic Focus-GX-750W 80 Gold Plus; LG 27GL650F UltraGear 144 Hz FHD; Windows 11 Pro 22h2; Kingston KC2500 M2; SSD Crucial MX500;HDD WD Blue - 1T 2x.
Adept II

I was on 19.6.2 prior to the upgrade. Afterwards got above picture with blue and red offset by one pixel and no green. Radeon Settings told me that the driver version doesn't match the version of Radeon Settings, so I clicked "Modify" in Apps & Features and selected a "Reinstallation" upon wich the Radeon Settings were just uninstalled. (Funny.)

There is still an AMD display driver running though and I don't see the screen flicker purple on login. So maybe this is now using whatever driver comes with Windows 10 1903? Device manager says it is version 25.20.15031.9002 from April 15th 2019.

Going to try and install Radeon Settings from Adrenaline 19.6.2 again next and see if screen flickers purple again...

EDIT1: Installation started, screen went black, system reset. Cool stuff. It did manage to install 26.20.12001.7006 though before the reboot.

EDIT2: I've used DDU in safe mode to clean up the AMD drivers and then reinstalled Adrenaline 19.6.2. Got a green screen at the end of setup this time, rebooted and haven't had any further issues since then. Fingers crossed, no BSOD or anything.

Adept I

I have the same problem, this can damage the GPU?


I cannot give you a definite answer, but to me it looks like a harmless timing problem on the HDMI output. Don't worry, help is on the way.

Adept I

Guys, I have literally spent the last 24 hours troubleshooting my pc. I've installed resinstalled Windows 10 1903 with different chipset and gpu drivers. Same issue.

I've installed latest Ubuntu version, same issue.

I've tried different hard drives, nvme and ssd, same issue.

Removed everything component from my pc, including cables, for a bare bones config, same issue.

Touch test of every component on my motherboard shows that my southbrige/chipset is overheating. On idle it's 60 degrees Celsius.

For me at least, either the chipset is now defective and once it heats up, I start getting weird issues with the devices it controls such as usb devices flickering, blue, pink overlays on screen. Disk lockups via nvme/sata etc.

AMD Ryzen 1800x

Asus x370 Pro

Radeon Vii


Try BIOS version 0604 on that board (if you feel comfortable that the system doesn't crash during the flash process!). See here: 

This thread is about how installing AMD display drivers on Windows 10 causes purple or green screen decolorization in the process. (And others narrowed it down to the Windows 10 1903 upgrade.) But it is good to know that there can be other causes for the same screen corruption.

Journeyman III

I have reported it. Has anyone found a fix?

Adept II

I have noticed some issues as well after the new 1903 windows update.  I have two PC's, one with an MSI Vega 64 and one with Sapphire Vega 64.  The first time I installed the AMD drivers on the 1903 build(MSI Card), the screen tinted red, I rebooted and it was fine.  Now a strange issue with the Sapphire Vega 64.  Most of the time when i put the computer in sleep mode and I wake it up, I get the sign in lock screen as normal, however as soon as I enter the desktop the screen gets tinted white and I can faintly just make out the desktop.  To fix this white transparent screen I can either:

-Power cycle monitor

-Right click on the desktop and just go into display settings and it automatically corrects 

-Reset the Driver with Key combination Shift+CTRL+Win+B

There seems to be something up with 1903 and the new AMD drivers.  Now I can't recreate this sleep bug on the MSI Vega 64, however they are using different monitors and I haven't tried switching those out yet.  


I think it's a windows issue, as I have seen the same issue with NVidia GPUs too.

I have also seen this reported in the nVidia forum. I also found a thread on tenforums.


Would you mind linking to this thread? I can't find it.

Adept II

well I had the same problem but my screen was yellow ! , i had to try multiple times to install the drivers until I don´t get that bug .AMD drivers are getting worse and worse , if it continues that way I will change to Nvidia 

Adept I

Add me into the boat, having issues pretty much as soon as I install the drivers for the card. I've only tried as far back as 19.3 and it's mostly been happening since Windows 1903. The full issue can be seen here: 

I think I'm just going to wait out a fix from Windows or AMD or wait til the offending component dies.

Adept II

Same Sapphire RX Vega 64 Nitro+

144HZ 32" Display Port

Journeyman III

There's a fix that I've been trying for a few days with so far 100% success. Set the "Display Enhancement Service" in services.msc to start automatically then reboot.

Thank you. This appears to be a fix for me on my Ryzen system. I have been testing for a few hours now and It has worked flawless so far.


Thank you. The solution proposed by derkiederk (setting
service Display Enhancement to Automatic) worked for me with a Sapphire RX550 on Windows 10 v1903 :-)

The screen used to turn pink/green (or others combinations of colors) every time the system woke up from standby mode or I used a Direct3D app.

NB: the "Shift+CTRL+Win+B" workaround to reset the driver also worked before I applied this solution.

Adept II

For those that are unsure how to perform derkiederk's fix above on your keyboard Press the windows key and at the same time press "R" key. Type services.msc then locate "Display Enhancement Services" right click it and go to properties. Set Startup type: to Automatic. Restart and the fix should work for you.

Adept II

I have driver 19.3.3 running clean.
No pink/blue/green or computer crash bluescreen at any time durring install.
My short verision to install,  No internet, No firewall, No antivirus durning install of 19.3.3
Or you can try another driver, dealer's choice.
I have an easy 8 step version on how and why I installed 19.3.3 if interseted.

Same, i don't have any problems using older drivers, same on my second PC.


My 1903 install is only 4 days old, Windows Error Reporting is showing zero errors for now, lol.
Let me know if something comes up.
Adept I

Still not fixed... I can't even play games without it freaking out. I tried it on my Radeon VII, Vega 64 and a vega 56 and they all get these odd purple/green/blue/red screens even during gameplay. Super frustrating. AMD Please fix this ASAP... Also fix the metrics on the Radeon VII. It's been 5 months and still not fixed...

I tried installing my Asus Suite today using the same method I described and I got an ATI video driver error, I uninstalled the Suite and the error went away, win 1903 is bugged.

Please look here to check for errors,

Click on the Windows button, go to Windows Administrator Tools, click on System Information, click on Software Environment, click Windows Error Reporting.

There you will find any problems with programs and software, if you find errors reported try to fix them first.

Adept I

I'm using 19.6.2 on W1903 and I usually get the purple/green screen on my dual monitor setup after the systems comes out from screen power off mode. I have to logoff and log back on to fix the issue.

As an aside, to resolve the fan control problem that all drivers seem to have post 9.1.1 I just installed the driver, no other AMD apps, and use MSI Afterburner for OC tasks. Fans are set to auto and they work fine.

Adept II

After some days of using Windows 10 1903 update and tried many things ti get drivers working...all my games had crashes ... So I had to clean install Windows again . 

And today make 2 days since the clean install and I am using amd driver 18.10.2 and it's working fine b,seems that sometimes the fans spins  for 2 seconds from nothing and with no reason when the gpu it's below the 60°c since the fans only should spin at 60° or more.  

So I think this Windows version have really some problems , and it will cause bugs from system to system . 

The worst part is that AMD doesn't say anything about it!! They could at least say that ate working on some fix  .

If everybody have tested some other version id the drivers on the rx 500 series that work better please let me now . 

And we should keep posting the bugs here for AMD see that the problem is bigger than they could think . 

Adept I

New  driver:19.6.3 

does not say anything about the problems that we have here

For some reason the issue doesn't occur any more no matter if I install 19.6.2 or 19.6.3. There also weren't any Windows updates. If anything happened then AMD's new driver must have changed some Windows setting for good. Maybe they rolled out a quick fix and wait for user responses to see if that helped and then develop a permanent solution with Microsoft.

I just checked updates and I got 2 windows 1903 updates

June 27, 2019—KB4501375

June 27, 2019 — KB4502584

I'm going to download a new copy of 1903 Media Creation Tool and run a test install on my spare SSD.

To chick to blow up the copy I'm running now :-)


Latest driver not have fixed anything on my system


If it wasn't the driver that fixed it for me, then it must have been BIOS changes that I made, but that was just related to power management. Basically enabled all ASPM options and disabled processor C-State C3 as that would result in bad SSD 4k random access performance for me. I already closed the support ticked though and told AMD that 19.6.3 fixed it for me. Now they will be all confused.


Why...why would you do that? I'm still having problems like two weeks later...


For me, the problem remains with both 19.6.2 and 19.6.3, weird screen colouring during and on completion of the new driver install but all OK after reboot. I don't use the PC for gaming and once the problem has been cleared with the reboot I see no further issues.

Do you see a short flash of green/purple right after you log in? That's the indicator that it is still there, lurking in the shadows, waiting for you to plug in a second monitor.