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Adept I

Purple-ish desktop screen after clean-installing the newest 19.5.2 drivers

Hello there. It has happened to me around 3 times now and sometimes it doesn´t even happen, maybe its not a big deal but I just want to make sure. I tried searching for information in regards to this but I was unable to find anything.

I have installed with a clean installation (using DDU in windows safe mode) the latest AMD GPU drivers (switching back and forth from 19.4.3, 19.5.1 and 19.5.2) and sometimes I get the desktop completely "painted" in blue right after the installation has been performed, the screen blinks as the installation is being done, as usual, the screens turns to a blue-ish tone (see attached images), switches back to a normal mode, then back to blue-ish and stays like that UNTIL I RESTART THE PC, then color comes back to normal.

Has that happened to anyone? Could that be considered normal or definitely something is up? It has never happened to me prior to 19.5.1 and it occurs regardless if I choose express or customized installation options. I don´t see any major issues in performance or problems while launching games, but that happening to me definitely made me a bit concern.

Thanks in advance for any insight provided.

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Another interesting point. I cleared the device and reinstalled video and audio drivers and even went to 19.7.1 with no issues for hours but as soon as I reboot, every time I go into a game it goes blue or pink.

I wonder if there is a service etc that starts after reboot that causes the issue.

I also logged a ticket a few weeks ago but heard nothing. I've used AMD video cards for years but it's time to upgrade and I don't think it will be another AMD.

Journeyman III

I have the same issue for some time now, on a Radeon RX 480 8GB, running two monitors (iiyama GB2488HSU & Wacom Cintiq 27QHD), both on Displayport. When monitors go to sleep and they wake, the picture is purple, a sign-out of Windows fixes this issue, still, I wish this could be slowly resolved, it's been going on for, as said, quite some time. 


Still the same colour problem for me with 19.7.2 following a clean (DDU) uninstall and install, OK after reboot.

Anyone had a response from their AMD ticket on this one??????

Yes, I had my ticket escalated but that's been almost two weeks already. No

mention of these issues are appearing on the 'fixed issues' or 'known

issues' part of the driver packages. Something's not right with this...

Adept I

I get this with display port on windows 10 build 1903 with a rx 580 and a rx 5700 

Happens with every version of Radeon driver except 17.1.1 included with windows 10 

Adept II

i installed 19.7.2 but radeonsettings not opened  how can i fix this????


clean install it. Make sure you turn off antivirus.

Adept III

Updated to Windows 10 build 1903 (from 1809), which overwrote installed 19.7.2 with an older driver (19.4 something). Did a safe mode DDU uninstall, disabled networking and then installed 19.7.2 again. During the install I got a purple/pink color scheme. Rebooted and it was gone.

FYI, I'm running 2 x Vega 56 (PowerColor Red Dragon) with a 4790K (Asus MoBo).


Hey everyone, I think I have fixed the problem, here's a light overview of

what I tried and worked...

Download the latest 19.7.2 driver package and proceed with installing it as

normal. When the files are extracted and the Adrenalin screen starts, stop

there and leave it on screen.

Open your device manager in Windows and update the drivers for your Display

Adapter (Radeon VII), choose 'Browse my computer for driver software' and

point it at the default folder:

c:\amd\19.7.2folder\packages\drivers\display\wt6a_inf and let it do its


Follow the same steps in the device manager but this time for the Sound,

Video and Game Controllers (AMD High Definition Audio Device. Update

locally from this folder: c:\amd\19.7.2folder\packages\drivers\audio.

Once it's finished and updates both drivers, move back to the Adrenaline

setup and use the express install option.

I've had no lockups or weird color overlays, it finished the install


P.s I do have a second monitor and I still get weird overlay issues but I'm

sure that's something in Windows 10 1903.

Let me know if that helped!

Interesting, i may try that soon just to see if i can confirm it.


I think there may be a few different issues at play.

I have an RX580 and as soon as a choose the driver manually I still get the green screen. If you run the AMD clean up utility and then update the generic window display adapter after it goes to version 17.1.1 and that is fine.  I tried version 18.12 as well and that had the same problem.

It seems for my issue anything newer than 17.1.1 goes pink/green/blue screens and this was not the case before window 1903 so i tlooks like AMD and microsoft need to talk about this. Someone has some pretty crap QA.

Fortuntely this box runs linux 90% of the time and has no issues with the opensource AMD drivers so I think I can rule out hardware.

This is the exact behavior I saw with an rx580 and a new rx 5700 with 19.7.1, did not have the same issue with 19.7.2.


Happy to report installing 19.7.3 over 17.1.1 as well as a Windows update KB4505903 and I have been able to run a game that would always turn pink previously.

The KB notes mentioned soem colour issues as well.  So not sure if it was one or the other, or both but so far so good.

Adept I

So, guys, from your driver instalations feedbacks it can be somehow conclusioned that any driver published after windows 10 1809 release that has been installed on the newest version of windows 10 (1903) is causing those purple/red/green/blue screens.

With an older driver 18.1.1 you won't get any purple screens anymore; though it is not an honest solution, it's better that using even older 17.1.1 that come by default in windows 10 update. At least for the owners of rx400, rx500 series this shouldn't be a problem, because the driver 18.1.1 should be mature enough (almost 15 months after the initial release of rx 400 series)

The latest driver that will work flawlessly on win 10 1903 should be 18.08. Has anybody tried this version? 

Journeyman III

+1 - I'm experiencing the same issue. Sapphire Nitro RX590+ . Only happens when i extend my desktop to my other monitors.

Driver version: 19.7.2


Well at least this is listed now as a known problem in the latest release notes (19.7.3), hope we can expect a fix soon.

Thanks for the update! Eventually... lol

I've just performed the latest update 19.7.3 express install and no DDU.

Every went perfectly with my Radeon VII, No colour overlay issues on any of

my two screens. Issue seems resolved for me.

I'm not sure AMD were referring to on their notes about 'Users with a

certain system configuration may see a green screen', clearly it's a driver

issue lol

AMD telling me to remove my gpu and try it on a friend's pc LOL... It's a

crazy world.


Installed 19.7.4 after DDU uninstall, no problems this time with strange colouration. It is still listed in the Release Notes so my guess is, if it is fixed, then it was Win 10 update KB4505903, which got installed yesterday.

Adept II

I have the purple/green screen somethimes when my monitor goes to sleep and when I turn the screen back on. Very strange but when I right-clickon my desktop and open displaysettings, all colors return to normal. Anyone else with this issue? ( using latest drivers and windows )


is it the combination of the driver + the OS update that fixes it? Or just the OS update? Strangely enough, I can't seem to find that update in my update history.


The release notes say that the "Issue is resolved in the latest Windows® Update 18362.267", so I can only assume that the bug fix was on Microsoft's side alone and it was just mentioned in the 19.8.1 release notes for lack of a better option.

Issue fixed in latest window update. 18362.267 

Journeyman III

I changed the pixel format, YcbCr 4-2-2 and that seemed to work for me.

Would prefer full RGB but the red tinge is horrible.