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Journeyman III

Pulse RX 5500-XT fans are not spinning... And Radeon Software indicate 65535 RPM...

I have a problem with my RX 5500-XT : The fans are not spinning.

When I bought it (around 20 days ago), everything worked well.

But a few days ago, the GPU fans started to stop spinning. furthermore, Radeon software indicate 65535 RPM :


I read that the same problem was common to the RX 5700-XT with the vBIOS.

So I tried to change the vBIOS with 4 differents versions for Pulse 5500xt 4GB. Nothing changed for this 4 versions.

I tried to install the previous drivers. (reinstalling a previous version of Radeon Software) Nothing changed.

I also tried to reinstall Windows. Nothing changed.

(Desesperated, I finnaly tried to unplug and plug again the GPU to the motherbord... Nothing changed.)

An other strange thing is that i also installed Sapphire Trixx and is indicating 0 RPM... :


Note that the temperature of the vRAM temperature is not indicated.

Here, I don't know where is the issue : Is it hardware issue ?

I wanted to add that something : When Radeon software is unistalled, that does not solve the problem.

This is the 4 versions i used to change the vBIOS (with the software amdvbflashWin) :

I also tested with an other GPU (the RX 5700-xt of my brother), and the fans are working well with this card.

Please, does someone can help me ?

Thank you for your help.

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Did you find a solution? am facing the same problem


I had thus problem when I first got my card and it did require a vBios update.

You should contact the cards manufacturer support about the issue.

Until you get it fixed MSI afterburner can run the card fans using a software profile.


Which version of vBios? should i flash it with the exact same bios version? 

(My vbios is Gigabyte.RX5500XT.8192.191124.rom)

I tried MSI afterburner, the gpu fans dont seem to respond to afterbanner. 


Mine was a different make of card.

I can't find a newer bios for your card, have you tried the second bios on the gpu to see if it's different?

XFX & Gigabyte have done vbios updates for these issues so I would assume Sapphire knows about it.

I think you should report the issue to sapphire support.

Big Boss

the 20.8.1 driver can set a custom fan profile if you desire change