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Journeyman III

PSHED.dll and ntoskrnl.exe BSOD

Hi everyone,

i'm in desperate need of help

Current situation: I build a new system (not my first build) and it
appears to have irregular BSOD/Restarts. But first things first; systemspecs:
OS: Windows 10 Home 64-Bit-Version (10.0, Build 19042)
MB: X570 Asus Crosshair VIII hero (Wifi)
BIOS: 2702 and 3102
CPU: AMD Ryzen 9 5900X @~3,7GHz boosts to 4,9 GHz, confirmed with CPUID
RAM: 32 GB G.Skill Trident z rgb @3200MHz
GPU: nVidia GeForce GTX 970
SSD1 (OS): Samsung SSD 980 Pro 250 GB NVMe
SSD2: Samsung SSD 980 Pro1TB NVMe
PSU: Be Quiet Dark Power Pro 12, 1200W

My path so far:
The motherboard had to be flashed from a stick due to the BIOS being so
new for the 5900X. After i got the MB to recognize the CPU it was able to post.
Then i started getting BSODs with WHEA_uncorrectable_error, mostly during gaming sessions.
I did some research, unlocked my PSU from multirail to singlerail and had some peace for
like 5days. Then they came back + i also got a BSOD when i only had my browser open.
I looked into my dumbfiles and most of the BSOD had the PSHED.dll driver and ntoskrnl.exe as cause.
I also had some random restarts, thats when only the ntoskrnl.exe was the cause and the
errorcode changed to Driver_Power_State_Failure.
I checked my RAM with memtester and nothing was found. The system also didnt mind
Cinebench 23 tests. The temps on my CPU are 73° C under high load.
The system is in no way overclocked from the stock settings. I did sfc scannow
multiple times, it has not found anything since the first two times. I also already completely reinstalled
windows and the problem remained. The GPU is from an
older system which also rarely had the occasional Driver_Power_State_Failure (once or twice a year).
The BSODs are currently once mby twice a day, and then i go a few days without.
I did about everything you could with the RAM, turned off DOCP, set DRAM voltage +0,005
removed 2 of 4 sticks etc.
Can anyone tell me what else i can do to try and home in on the potential root-cause
of the BSODs? I can also add the dumpfiles if anyone is interested, i have plenty of them


Kind regards

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Open a AMD Warranty Request and see if they believe you need to RMA your processor from here:

Since the BIOS is very new for the 5xxx series processor contact Asus and see if other Users have been having similar issues as you. Could be a buggy BIOS.

Note: AMD Warranty goes into effect once the Retailer/Vendor's Return Date or Warranty expires.  Otherwise you will need to go to your Retailer/Vendor first.