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Journeyman III

Profile for OC at RX 550 2GB

Hi, I need help to Overclock my RX 550 GB Asrock Single-Mode, My AMD Driver is updated.
Does anyone have any profile to be able to send me, or show with prints on wattman?

I'm a layman in overclocking...

Sorry for my english, haha

My PC:
HyperX 8gb RAM 1333MHz

EVGA 430w Plus Brass

2 Replies

Graphics cards with RX550 GPU do not require a PCIe power cable and come with poor cooling solutions. So you don't have a proper GPU for OC.


Most cards have a little latitude at least for some extra frames. Maybe you can get some. After all even an extra 5 to 7 frames can help. If you are playing a single player game and getting 28 fps going to 35 fps makes all the difference in the world of being playable.

As mentioned there isn't likely much room for improvement on those because typically extra power is the key. AMD does have an instructional page on how to go about over clocking in Wattman here: 

If you are on a Desktop you can try take small steps increasing MHz speed of your core. First more your power limit slider to it's maximum. This should give the card a bit more power. I just don't even know if that is or isn't a option on that card.

These are some numbers that look like they could be possible to hit with that card, but every card is different but could be some numbers to aim for.

  • Stock: 1150 Mhz CPU @ 1150 mV + 1750 Mhz GDDR5

  • Overclocking: 1399 Mhz CPU @ 1150 mV + 1995 Mhz GDDR5

This is a pretty good video that gives a lot of tips on improving game performance not just with OC.

How to Optimize AMD Settings For GAMING & Performance The Ultimate GUIDE - YouTube 

This a good beginners guide to overclocking with Wattman, just not not all settings you see are the same or even available possibly with your card.

Beginners step by step [how-to] overclock your AMD video card (RX 480)- Global WattMan - YouTube 

It is very possible someone with one of these cards may see this and share a screen shot of their settings for your card and that will be much more help.