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Adept II

Problems with refresh rate when duplicating a screen

I have a 60 HZ TV and a 60 HZ monitor, I start the game (Division 2) on one monitor, I have an average frame rate of 160 frames, I only display the image on the TV and the frame rate is also 160 frames, but when I turn on screen duplication, displaying the image in two source, frame purity automatically drops to 60 and cannot rise higher even in the game menu, as if vertical sync is on

I have a Sapphire Radeon RX 5700 XT Pulse driver 20.2.2

UPD.I realized what the problem is, if virtual super resolution is turned on, the image is sent to TV in 4k and limited to 60 HZ, although in the game and on the desktop the resolution is 1920 x1080

UPD.2.When you turn on the virtual over-resolution, even with the usual resolution, the frame rate becomes lower, and when you duplicate the screen, the video card for some reason sends the highest possible resolution to the TV, although FULLHD is set in the game and desktop settings