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Journeyman III

Problems with recorded audio format

Hello everyone.

So, I've been recording some gameplays with AMD adrenaline software and the quality is flawless. Some days ago I saw the option to separate the audio from the video and I chose to give it a try. The software then created a MP4 video file and a M4A audio file. I started having problems when I tried to drag the video and audio files to Adobe Premiere Pro and got a pop-up saying the audio file couldn't be imported since it wasn't supported. Since then I tried several different methods to try and convert to a supported format (MP3 per example) by Adobe Premiere Pro but every time I tried, none of the methods were successful since the M4A format wasn't supported by any software I came across. I am a bit desperate because I recorded some important stuff and I can't seem to put the 2 files together to edit. Can please someone help me? I really want to be able to have the video recording with audio to edit. I tried opening the M4A audio file in many players but failed in every single one, always with the same problem, that the player doesn't support the format. I have the latest version of Windows 10 Pro 64 bit. Any questions, feel free to ask. Thank you!