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Adept I

Problems with r5 3600 and b450m gaming plus

Ok, i got multiple problems :

 - When i turn on my computer, the cpu led (ez debug) in always on, but when i see msi icon it disappears,

 - When i want to restart my computer it doesn't work, the cpu led on mobo is always on but the computer doesn't want       to boot, my monitor is black (no light), so if i want to oc or do some updates i can't,

 - Yesterday when i was doing things on cinebenchR15 and R20, i saw that when the r5 3600 goes over 77°C it crashes immediatly (max temp is 95°C), i'm on stock cooler and i've enabled game boost on bios, btw i have last version of my mobo (7B87v17).

 - And last point, i've seen this recently, i have 3 pci things who aren't installed (it's in french):

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