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Journeyman III

Problems with automatic start of coolers and graphic cards with hashcat

Hello everyone, I hope you can help me, I will tell you about the problem, 
I have a mother gigabyte Z270XP-SLI 3 plates Sapphire nitro + RX580, 1 MSI RX580,
1 Asus RX570. Everything works perfectly until I install the AMD drivers, there the problems begin.
To start two plates the cooler stops working, which I repair by calling MSI Afterburner,
with the above I get the cooler to start automatically,
but when it comes to using hascat it does not detect all the cards.
The afterburner plate that does not detect shows 0 MHZ.
I already test with win7 x64, win8 x64 and win10 x64 with the latter is with
the most solutions with it, at least I have all the coolers.
The graphics cards works correctly because I try them one at a time and they all go well,
the motherboard has no problem, I use two power supplies of 1200W.
I'm almost sure it's the drivers, but try hundreds of versions on all operating systems and
I can not fix anything
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