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Adept I

Problems with AMD drivers for months


This is my first post in this forum and my long-standing problems with the AMD driver prompted me to post it.
I hope to be able to find help or tips for my problem here.

About the problem:
1. When I start any CAD program such as UltiMaker Cura, Catia, SolidWorks, the following error message appears:
"Failed to initialize graphics backend for OpenGL".
2. If the computer runs for a while, at some point a faulty window icon appears in front of the desktop background. It is obvious that the driver software has crashed because it is not responding. If I then click on this symbol or icon several times, a typical Windows message appears that the program is not responding and can be restarted.

I have reported all of these problems to AMD a dozen times since January using the bug reporting tool with screenshots of the AMD software. So far nothing has improved.

All problems appear AFTER software version 23-10-2. Version 23-10-2 works perfectly.
I use that Software in connection to a Radeon RX 6800 XT.
No Tuning of the hardware. I use the latest version of Windows 10. A complete reinstallation of Windows, as well as a driver update of all connected components and BIOS updates did not help. Does anyone else have this problem or could help me with it?
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Adept I

6900XT here on Win10, and i can speak for Cura and F360 working fine.
The 24.1.x drivers and newer are working fine for me.     i was having black screen on wake issues with drivers released in the second half of 2023 but everything is working now.

Journeyman III

Hey, I am having issues with the drivers, are you able to help me? It won't work no matter anything I do.


Interestingly, I encounter a "black screen" issue upon waking the computer only when two monitors are installed. This occurs if I allow the computer to enter an idle state on the second monitor while the first monitor is turned off. Subsequently, I face difficulty when trying to wake up the computer using the first monitor.

I have to turn off and on the first monitor in that "black screen state".

Adept I

Hello charlesmertin72,
many thanks for the answer.

So far I have only used the error reporting tool several times.
Could you tell me how to reach AMD's customer support?

I'm not yet aware of how a Discord Fonts Generator can help me. I would be happy if you could give me further tips or help.
Adept I

Overall, I am somewhat disappointed. I can't reach anyone through support, and it seems that no one here in the forum can help either.

Since this problem has unfortunately persisted since the end of 2023, I feel compelled to sell this graphics card and, after 30 years of favoring AMD or ATI, switch to their competitor, NVIDIA. The drivers and features there are more up-to-date, there are no issues with OpenGL, and using AI models is also somewhat easier. I am willing to accept that these cards are somewhat more expensive and not necessarily economical in terms of power consumption.

Nevertheless, thank you for the responses.

Adept II

Unfortunately especially the 24-series drivers are very bad. People have been reporting all kinds of problems with those.

I would recommend rolling back to the working 23-series driver for the time being, until they can solve the issues with the latest driver series.

Thanks for the reply.
I didn't know that others also had a lot of problems with the 24-series drivers.

That motivates me to wait a little longer.