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Journeyman III

Problems recording microphone from a 4 channel line-in input.


When I try recording any video (with seperate or mixed microphone track), everything else works perfectly. But the microphone comes out as a totally garbled mess.

I've tried a bunch of usual fixes, changing the audio rate from 44100hz to 192000hz and everything in between, same with 16bit vs 24bit audio.

But the audio comes out completely destroyed.

Other recording programs (OBS, Xbox Game Bar) record the audio flawlessly.

What can I do?


I really think it's because the "microphone" is 4 channels, and or something to do with the audio rate.


Hardware in question: RX6900, Roland USB audio interface (4x4 channels), Powerful pc.

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Journeyman III

I have the same issue, tested with Xbox 360 Kinect and 2 PS Eye's, they all have 4 channels and all recorded video with microphone audio line has it messed up