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Journeyman III

Problem wwith dual graphics 8650g+8670m

Good day. I have problem with dual graphics 8650g+8670m, the drivers works not correct, in opitons I saw that my vga has a 768 mb ram, but don't show me anything about my discrad card . I tried another soluthion with windows 8.1 and drivers for this system, but it's not helped me. If you be so kind to help me with most correct drivers for my dual graphics and where after that I can see about properly work of vga driver

Asus r510dp a10 5750m APU with radeon hd 8650g+8670m dual graphics.

P.S. sorry about another language. Thanks

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This is a user to user English language only Support Forum.

There are many freely available online tools that you can use to translate your posts into English. Please make use of these tools before posting.

Please read this: Laptop graphics update...How to 

For laptops with AMD processors/APU's:

You do not update the discrete graphics update the APU. This updated driver serves both the integrated and discrete graphics. It is the only driver you install.

Where to get the correct driver: 

How to choose the correct driver. You have a choice of two..the 15.7.1 version OR the 16.2.1


I did it but my laptop show me that is most correct driver for my windows, but if I turn on some game my laptop temperature makes up to over and after that laptop work a few minutes and turn off him self . The game wich I started didn't work properly and have very problem with the graphics.. In case the fan is clean and i changed thermopaste from gpu and apu, In task manager i see just only cpu after insteled driver  for gpu in task manager i can't find gpu just cpu and another procces.


Please I have an issue somehow similar 

My laptop spec is 

A10 5750 APU 2.5Hz

RADEON HD 8750M + 8650G

I have issues updating the drivers..  It keeps showing graphic drivers not functioning properly...

Am I to download and install 8750m separately from 8650G ?

Or what am I options?


No options. Install the correct APU driver.