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Journeyman III

Problem with the Ryzen 5600G graphics driver

I have such a problem, from time to time (once a month) suddenly the computer freezes, the screen goes black for 5-15 seconds (sometimes you can see a green square 1/4-1/6 of the screen) everything stops, and after a while the screen it returns to normal and the message "the driver has stopped responding" appears. Yesterday I wanted to check driver updates and I wanted to run AMD Software: Adrenalin Edition but a window popped up... that it does not work with the current driver... **bleep**? it worked several times and then suddenly stopped?? What is it about? I would like to get rid of this error and download the appropriate FILE with the driver and possibly AMD Software: Adrenalin Edition. But not through the autodownloader, but directly the file itself.


I wanted to remove AMD Software: Adrenalin Edition and the uninstaller window appears... I've been waiting for HALF AN HOUR AND NOTHING IS HAPPENING. What kind of crap software is this?Zrzut ekranu 2024-04-13 153158.png

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Adept III

Try using the AMD Cleanup Utility and/or DDU in safe mode.


Be aware that HDMI might not work in Safe Mode, so use DisplayPort before attempting to enter Safe Mode.


RX 6800 • Intel 12600k • G.Skill 6000 32GB • MSI B760M Mortar

 AMD Cleanup Utility was good, but idk the problem with freezing will be fixed


You can download official AMD drivers from this page:



The installer should give you at least 2 options: Full Install or Driver Only.


Download and install the latest AMD chipset drivers for your motherboard too.


RX 6800 • Intel 12600k • G.Skill 6000 32GB • MSI B760M Mortar