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Journeyman III

problem with my AMD radeon 530

Hi there im having a problem with AMD radeon 530. driver keeps craching and hanging with heavy games like fifa 19 and GTA V 

it didnt used to do so, not for a long time after i purchased the laptop at least 

my laptop is dell inspiron 5570 

8 gb ram

120 ssd + 1 tb hdd

core i7 8550U

NB. I try updating driver to different versions old or new is also keeps crashing 

I tried reinstalling windows, DX11 and 12, VC, and litiraly tried evrything so please help!


heres a drive link to A crash report I sent to AMD support  photo_2021-07-05_21-52-59.jpg


2 Replies
Journeyman III

Did you solve it?


First your DXDIAG file is just showing two issues with your laptop:

1- Radeon Settings or driver

2-Microsoft Story Remix - this could be due to the graphic driver issues you are having.

Second - Your Radeon 530 is not supported by AMD with driver updates since 06/21/2021.

Third - try using Dell's own Intel & AMD driver and see if everything works fine. This is the best option to make sure your laptop is working normally:

Screenshot 2022-01-13 123521.png

As you noticed there is a very new BIOS, AMD & Intel Graphics driver, and Intel CHIPSET to update. Do those first and see if your laptop now works normally.

Use DDU with the internet/wifi disconnected and AMD installation folder at C:\AMD delete BEFORE install Dell's own Intel and AMD drivers.

Fourth - All of your laptop's Intel Drivers must be the latest version including the BIOS installed. Especially update your Intel Graphics & Chipset drivers BEFORE installing the latest Dell AMD or AMD own driver.

EDIT: To make sure this is the correct Download page for your Dell Laptop input your S/N into the link I gave you and it should show the correct download page if the one I linked to is the one.