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Problem with Ati radeon 4800 HD and Internet connection

I have been having problems for about 5 months now, my internet would just randomly disconnect and come back in minutes. It mainly happens when i would be upload something or load up a in a game, I went on a website for my internet speed and everything was fine but my upload speed, it was at 0. So I contacted my isp and they said everything was fine on there end for some reason the problem only happens on my computer. Not the laptops or phones that i have. I was on windows 10 pro but then downgraded to windows 7 and still the same problems occur. i got support by Microsoft but told me to contact dell support or Amd, i checked if all my drivers were all up to date using dells program to check for drivers on my computer and i got this.


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This is not an AMD issue. AMD doesn't make drivers for LAN. 

This could be a problem with your LAN circuit or card or modem on your Motherboard or LAN Driver issue or Windows issue.

I notice that at Dell under your computer support site : Support for Studio XPS 435 MT | Diagnostics | Dell US , Dell can check your PC hardware or check a particular part of your computer for you. Maybe you should allow Dell to make a full hardware diagnosis of your computer (about 40 minutes) and see what results come back.

If you like playing games I would definitely add another 4 gbytes of RAM MEMORY to your System as a minimum.

You can test your DNS connection:

Best DNS for gaming

kingfish​ the link to download the DNS Benchmark is no good in your link is outdated.

But I found out the creator is from I website I have known for many years and you can download the latest version from here: GRC's | DNS Nameserver Performance Benchmark  at GRC.COM.

Cool...changed it..Thanks


When my internet gets disconnected I allways troubleshoot it and 80% of the time it will say “dns has stopped responding”


Then run the program....


Can you see what version of Windows 7 you have installed? is it 32 bit or 64 bit?

Since you have only 4 gigabytes of RAM MEMORY, it could have installed a Windows 7 32 bit operating system instead of x64 bit system.

Windows 7 is running on a x64 bit


I have almost the same same processor..I7 960 and problem. Check the Intel site for the last bios (or any other) update. Use their 'auto detect' tool. > Drivers & Software