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Journeyman III

Problem with 6900 XT TUF and adrenaline settings

Hey guys, first time posting here so hope people can help me.

I recently got my hands on a 6900 xt tuf by asus as the subject says, and im having issues with the custom settings and the adrenaline software. Mind you, if i use asus (gpu tweak II) proprietary software everything works accordingly, it's just the adrenaline software giving me this headache.

Basically, when i go to set a profile for a game or a bench app, no matter how custom settings i do, once i am ingame/benchmark or measuring with an external software like techpower gpu-z none of that matters. I mean i can move the sliders all i want, but when said application for said profile gets launched, everything seems reverting to stock specs.
Clocks don't change (either downclocking or OCing), undervolting doesn't work (voltage reading keeps bouncing to various number, sometimes goes as low as 1.040mV sometimes up to 1.100, sometimes it maxes out at 1.175mV) and the fan curve pretty much reset themselves even if i adjust them mid game/bench by opening the overlay with alt+r (i have attached a pic to see what i mean).
In the pics i've attached im using the superposition benchmark. As you can see in the first picture, the profile i created for it (and yeah, i checked that the .exe being used it's the same as the benchmark itself so it's not an issue of me mistakenly add the wrong .exe to the game profile i created) everything is set as if i'd want to OC and UV, with a custom fan speed profile but for some odd reason, adrenaline doesn't read the game profile fan curve but it reads the global tuning setting with that weird ass single fan curve speed (and yeah i have tried to drag the dots to custom it, but it resets automatically going back being a one speed only).

Hope you guys can help me figure out why. As i said, everything works fine if i use asus software which is closed during my tests with adrenaline setting, so there's no risk of one overriding the other.
Thanks again a bunch, and i hope i'll hear something from some of you soon :). Here below are the pics i was talking about. 

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Journeyman III

Im having a similar problem with a XFX merc 319 black rx 6900 xt.

The adrenalin softweare said that i cant run games that this GPU totaly can run.

I can play (for example) dark souls 3 but the adrenalin software said that my gpu is not enough to run it. This is a problem because i cant use the full power of the gpu.

Im realy need a solution.

motherbord gigabyte b450 s2h

cpu ryzen 5 3600

gpu rx 6900 xt xfx merc 319 black