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Journeyman III

Problem with 5600G iGPU / Drivers

I built this 5 weeks ago.

Ryzen 5 5600G + Arctic Freezer 34
ASUS Prime B550-Plus
Corsair CMK16GX4M2B3000C15 - 2 x 8 gb DDR4
Corsair rm650X 650W (2018 model)
512 gb SSD + 2 tb hdd

Well, it works but I get this very annoying problem every 2-3 days.

First I had Windows 10 Pro and this happened:

1. My screen goes black, I have to manually reset, and I get this error on my eventlog. The well known "display driver stopped responding and has recovered".

2. A couple of days after that I got a screen full of artefacts after I turned on my computer and it loaded Windows, and the same error on system log.

First I used 21.10.2 Optional drivers. Then I used DDU and installed 21.8.2 WHQL, with the same results.

OK, then I decided to try Windows 11.

Installed it on 17. Oct and after 4 days the error is back.

Again I got a screen full of artefacts when I loaded Windows. (curious that it often happens on startup). The only difference this time was that I got nothing on system log. Maybe it didn't put anything there or maybe I reseted the computer too hastily.

The problem with Win11 is that there is only one driver version available, it is "optional". I have to wait for a WHQL version. But with Win10 it didn't make a difference, it acted up just like the other version.

Although it happens every 2-3 days, it is driving me nuts. I want it fixed.

What I can deduce myself is this:

RAM should be OK. I used it on my previous setup for 2 years and never had an issue. Also it is compatible with my motherboard according to ASUS.
PSU should also be OK. Used it with my previous setup for 2-3 years and never had any problems.
BIOS is the latest. And I haven't done any overclocking etc.
CPU temp is OK, no problems there.

Any idea how to solve this would be welcomed. I seriously hope there isn't anything wrong with the hardware. It seems many people have the same issue and for most of them that isn't the case(?). If the motherboard or CPU / GPU would be faulty, shouldn't it do it more than once in a few days? Also when I get those artefacts on startup, it is just fine after I reset again. Until next time that it days away. So it is not constantly like that.

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Journeyman III

So far I have tried:


- Another PSU

- Another set of RAM that I loaned from a friend

- 4 different versions of drivers

- Reinstalling Windows 10

- Windows 11 clean install

- Using Displayport instead of HDMI

- Not using Norton antivirus / using it, to see if it is the culprit


Nothing helps.

When I browse this forum and Google the issue it is evident that this problem is very common and has been for years. Also it seems that nothing has changed over the years. People invest a lot of money for these parts and this is what they get.

I had a similar issue with my old 2400G , took months to get rid of it. I should have learned my lesson. But no, I just had to get another AMD CPU with Vega graphics and here we are again.

Well, there won't be a third time, that's for sure.


And : My hardware is not faulty. I have also tested this system with Linux, with ZERO issues. So it is the **bleep** AMD driver / software that keeps crashing all the time, I can also see it on the system log.


Just upgraded my pc to a new Asus B550 motherboard, 16G rad, NVMe drive and 5600G cpu.

Then after some weeks I discovered that it uses some microsoft driver for the graphics.

So I downloaded AMD driver program... now the screen looks like not connected after windows 10 starting.

Somehow managed to start in failsafe mode and switched to the MS driver and then it works.

But playing Kerbal gives me a whopping 1 fps   so Im a bit pi$$ed of that AMD driver.

Anyone found a solution? AMD coming with update that works for 5600G ???


I have the same problem. Did you find a way to fix this problem?


I have problems with GPU driver, driver repeatedly disappier every 1-2-3 or 4 days. PC can't sleep, monitor is lock (1hz), I tried to use