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Journeyman III

Problem streaming video from Netflix/Amazon Prime (Lagging/Stuttering video)

I have a XFX 5700 that has been unable to stream video from streaming services since update 22.6.1. YouTube and Twitch work fine, it's only the movie streming services. When this first happened I assumed it was a bug, so I went back to driver 22.5.1 and this fixed the issue. That is, until the Adrenalin program stopped working due to being too far out of date. I couldn't even update it, I had to delete the program and reinstall the newest version. Now im on 22.11.2 and the stuttering video is back. Does anyone have any idea what is causing this? I know for sure it's something driver related. 

PC specs:

R5 3600, XFX 5700, 16 Gb 3000 MHz DDR4, MSI B550-A Pro. 

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