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Journeyman III

Pro Driver Bug, 30bit, Deep Color


has anyone in the past had problems with Deep Color (30b bit) and the Pro cards, including the Vega FE?

I already wrote to the support team last month and told them about a bug that occurs, with Deep Color (30 bit) when you install the Pro Adrenalin Driver.

With me it is so that with activated deep color, I see Orange bars in the menus of Photoshop, loading bars of Adobe Bridge and Orange bars in HW info, where Blue ones should be.

I've had a similar problem with a W8100 before ( In 2015 & 2016) and now with the Vega FE.

I can't fix the problem by uninstalling the driver properly and installing another one.

Strictly speaking, Deep Color (30 bit) only works with the Pro adrenaline drivers and no longer with other drivers.

Meanwhile I have the suspicion that it is due to the uninstallation of the driver before, no matter which number it had.

If I uninstall the driver and Deep Color (30 bit) is activated, there will be problems.

Kindest Regards

Thomas D.