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[PRIORITY] AMD GPU Driver ULPS Mode Bug Report @ AMD Advantage Edition, G513QY built by ASUS.


GPU: RX6800M
Laptop: AMD Advantage Edition, G513QY built by ASUS.

To remind the issue, dGPU (RX6800M), has at least two main states:

1. Idle (active, but no load) which consumes around 6W and reduces laptop battery life by around 40%
2. Low Power State which as we understand allows iGPU to take the tasks while dGPU sleeping and does not consume power, allows full battery life.

There is some bug, where dGPU going into LPS/Sleeping mode, it does it incorrectly which causes a hang and self reboot of laptop. We CAN use applications like GPU-Z that keep dGPU awake but, this means, even when there is 0 load on dGPU (Idle), it still consumes 6W and cuts 40% approx of battery life.

Fix so dGPU can go properly into LPS/sleeping state without cause a hang/self reboot of laptop.

NEW-WORKAROUND by Josh from Discord Community:
" My final version of this hack fix, so that you dont need Disable ULPS or GPU Tweak or GPUZ. This app will keep the gpu alive when AC Power is plugged in. When AC Power is not plugged in, it will stop keeping gpu alive to allow gpu to go to power saving mode. The opposite happens with ac power plugged in. Its resource usage is very low, less than 5 MB RAM, and barely any cpu/gpu usage. You can add this to task scheduler to run on startup. WARNING: Side effect is the laptop will never successfully sleep on AC Power NO SUPPORT PROVIDED. Use at your own risk -- Download this tool: mirror: "

Could this help you maybe fix the issue within the driver/control panel itself?

More Sources:

Discord Server with users reporting this problem:


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