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Adept I

Pressing SHIFT, LCTRL or ALT plays a sound, turns on FPS counter...

So, I recently realized that, when I minimize the game and then maximize it, a sound will play after a few seconds (this sound for the record), and I don't know what that sound means but I figured that it means the software has detected I'm playing a game or something (lol).

Recently I have re-installed the drivers and now I have 19.12.2 Adrenalin 2020 Edition and since I reinstalled them, this is happening:

The sound I sent in the link above plays every time I press either SHIFT, CRTL or ALT (maybe even other keys but I haven't tested it yet). If I press them again a different sound plays, which means that I'm probably toggling something on or off.

I have checked through the hotkeys and I don't have anything set to those three keys. I also realized that the FPS counter pops up when I toggle it on..

Can anyone please tell me what this sounds means and how do I remove the hotkeys? I use those three keys frequently in games and it annoys me. Thanks to anyone who helps me.:)

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Journeyman III

its aboult Radeon Anti-Lag option. Just turn off this setting and there is no sound anymore. reset your hotkeys default. and Game>Games>Choose your game>Radeon Anti-Lag>Off

You saved my life (ears especially). Thank you sooo much!

OMG hahaha. You saved me... but turning off anti lag affects someway?

Adept II

That's funny, I play SA-MP on this server too and actually had similiar issue.

Press ALT+R and and disable Radeon No lag feature.

Thanks a lot man, send me your name and I'll send you some tokens in-game lol


Hah, add me on Discord: Hype#5721

Journeyman III

who the hell made that design choice, i can disable every hotkey except "Toggle Radeon Anti-Lag"

Journeyman III

IVE HAD THIS SAME ISSUE.... I will try this fix. Still not upgrading to an RX 5000 series card just because of this. Unacceptable design by AMD for this stupid bug. Will be spending my money on an RTX 2070S. I'll let you guys know if this fixes it.

Journeyman III

This was SO ANNOYING. Ruined many important game moments and opportunities. Also had to look around what causes it and then register here listening to stupid numbers. Shoulda have never installed this software. Next GPU will 99.99% be NVIDIA. Also the "software" had ads and hotkeys on by default! By default! If I was not a polite person, you'd hear it from me here.

Journeyman III

I have this same issue with the 19.12.3 drivers. It only does that for games launched through Steam. If I launch games through Epic, I don't hear the sounds.

I had disabled all shortcut keys in the setting because it interfered with other applications and every setting I could find like anti-lag, and it still makes that sound. I have just reset the AMD anti-lag shortcut to it's default (Alt-L), pressed it and it does make the sounds disappear. The is definitely a bug, I shouldn't have to let the AMD software use shortcut key I want to use for other applications.

Journeyman III

Man this is annoying. when trying to play games like PUBG, left ctrl, left alt, and left shift are used CONSTANTLY. I hear constant beeps and boops and cant disable them fully. i have removed all the hotkey settings but it still happens incessantly.