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Adept I

Power plan doesn't work anymore!

My CPU was a few days ago just fine with the Powerplan, it was idling around 50C

But then it went south again...

I got the most resent driver package and my 5800x still idles at 70°+ C. I also have tried reinstalling with one restart in between, with no change. I also did reset my Bios settings, only fan curves and ram config anyway but nothing has changed.

What else can I do to get ok temps again?

My Setup: x570-f, 58000x

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Adept I

Know J found a solution, after every windows update I Ned so install A old version of the power plan, restart and install the most recent version.

Then it works fine.


No. Reinstall powerplan is not a solution, mere a workaround.
5800x ? What

The information is to vague, but Your processor is running way to hot, 70C and how do You know this?
By just looking at a temp just now? The CPU temp can varies multiples of thenst in just a couple of seconds and can be very hot extremely fast.
Seems it could very well be that the inbuilt safe protection is shutting down or at least lower its frequencies.
Dust is clogging the exhaust cooling fins? Common cause.

Is it a laptop or a desktop?
Please specify the computer name and model nr.
If a special build, specify motherboard and model nr?
CPU model nr?

If You don't know, please use the free Specyy and make sure to un-check any 3-third party s/w during installation.
There are a small "Customize" button just below the Big Install button. Make sure to untick everything there.
Then under File menu > Save as textfile > upload the information in Your next post.

So perhaps others can provide some help.

Best regards from Sweden