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Journeyman III

Power limit on RX 6900 XT GAMING X TRIO after restart/shutdown is 0%

Specs: Win 11 Pro, Ryzen 5900x, B550 Tomahawk, 2x 8GB Crucial 3600 MHz, Samsung 980 Pro + Corsair MP600 + Toshiba P300, Seasonic 850W Focus 80+gold

I have problem with my gpu last month: power limit value isn't saved after system reboot or shutdown in AMD adrenalin driver. Power limit greyed out and 0% in AMD Adrenalin driver and other apps since installing driver. I tried this steps:
Disabled fast boot in Windows,
DDU in safe mode and reinstalled latest driver,
AMD Cleanup Utility and reinstalled latest driver,
Pressed Apply Changes after changing fan, frequency and voltage tuning controls,
Reset Settings to "Default",
Reset Settings to "Default" and started a fresh profile,
Flash last bios on my gpu from MSi by AMDVBFlash 3.31 for Win 11,
Flash bios on my MB B550 Tomahawk to v.7C91vA8 by M-Flash for Win 11,
Update my OS from Win 10 to Win 11,
Clean install Win 11 with last drivers with B550 chipset and AMD gpu,
Download latest updates for Win 11,
Disabled and uninstall MSi Center and MSi Afterburner when system starts and system reboot,
Change settings in power options Win 11 on balanced mode or high/maximum performance,

So my power limit on my RX 6900 XT is only 0% after each PC restart or shutdown. It isn't normal but I can't to solve that problem.
Can you help me with this or somewhere else? I tried read some forums using google but I didn't find a solution...

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Adept I

have you tried killing the adrenaline service and then restarting it as administrator?


Do you mean in task manager at startup?


yeah, the settings may not be holding for security reasons...probably a longshot but it's best to cover your bases


When I use MSi Afterburner, power limit is saved after shutdown/restart...but it doesn't apply in Adrenalin driver without Afterburner, strange