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Adept I

Power efficiency option gone from AMD settings in new drivers.

I am a Sappire R9 Fury user, currently using 19.4.1, i tried switching to new drivers and i loved the new anti-lag feature, but unfortunaly the power efficiency option is gone from the options and it's nowhere to be found, sometimes i play really long sessions of low demanding games where i don't need high framerates like CIV V/Kenshi, and with new drivers my clocks and voltage are constantly maxxed out, i don't want that because of heat/electricity.

Before it used to be really simple for me, just turn off the option when i wanted to play something more demanding like BF 1/V will you consider bringing this option back ? Also my clocks/voltages during idle are way more stable at 300-390 range rather than jumping all over the place anywhere from 300-800 with the new drivers.

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