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Possible to render on 5700xt but use 380x to output to display? Need VGA output.

Thinking about upgrading to 5700xt, but I still love my CRT monitor (two VGA inputs only). Is it possible to use my 380x in a second PCI-E slot just for the VGA output? And how would I set this up?

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Probably the answer to your question is "no". I think you should give up your love for your old VGA monitor.


You can always purchase an "Active" HDMI-VGA or DP-VGA adapter.  To be able to use your VGA Monitor with your 5700XT GPU Card.


Yeah, the issue is that most of them aren't capable of high pixel clocks. Like maximum 1600x1200@ 60hz when my monitor can easily do 1600x1200@ 100hz. Or they can't do 1920x1440 at all, but monitor can do it at 90hz.

Whereas my 380x can literally send 4k over the VGA out.


Unless the AMD Driver supports both GPU Cards- The R9-380x and the RX5700xt, I don't believe you are able to install two different AMD Drivers in the same computer.

But I was checking the R9-380x AMD Driver and it is the same for the RX5700xt according to the release notes. At least it shows as being compatible. So it may be possible for you to have both GPU cards in the same computer: Radeon™ Software Adrenalin 2019 Edition 19.8.2 Release Notes | AMD 

But to verify that information I gave, I strongly suggest you open a Online AMD Service Request and ask them before doing anything. I know that you can't mix certain types of AMD GPU in the same computer due to AMD Drivers not being compatible with both.

To open an official AMD Support Ticket go here: Online Service Request | AMD 


Thanks for the service request link.

As far as installing the two GPU's, I know I can install them side by side, I was just hoping someone from AMD knew of a way to have one for output and one for rendering.


2048x1536@85Hz is limit for VGA. Also image compression techniques are probably different and there may be loss of quality.

There are no limits for VGA, I've successfully sent a 3840x2160 @60hz signal over VGA, as well as other high-dot clock signals like 2304x1728@75hz. If you do plan on exceeding a 400mHz clock, you do need to patch the max clock with something like Toasty X's patcher.

And I've used the 380x for years and others before that, no compression going on as long as you setup your resolutions correctly.


There is a limit for HDMI and DP according to versions. Also for VGA and DVI. Your graphics card supports VGA with a DVI port. And it looks like there's no limit, but limits exist. The limit I wrote is for graphics cards with VGA output.


You're talking about the 400mHz limit (2048x1536@85hz is technically 396mHz), which is stated in the specs. But that can be easily patched then the analog DAC will go beyond 600mHz, with no signal degredation I could detect.

Either way, the 400mHz limit is still leagues beyond what most external adapters can process.


I don't have the experience you wrote. However, the example is only possible with DVI output. And RX5700 series does not support DVI output. Your monitor probably comes with DVI support and gives you the experience. I haven't tried OC using a VGA port. Converters cause loss of quality. You may feel it or not acording to coverter quality.


Found this Accell Active DP-VGA Adapter that has an output of 1920x1200@60Hz:UltraAV® DisplayPort to VGA Active Adapter | Accell 

Also this HDMI 4k to VGA Converter at Amazon:

1920x1200@60hz is nothing for my monitor. Like I said, my CRT can do 1920x1440@90hz, which is a way higher dot clock.

There are converters that can go to like a 300mHz dot clock, but that's nothing compared to what the typical VGA output can do on a analog-capable GPU.